Seven wonders of the world, less known to tourists

Seven wonders of the world, less known to tourists
Seven wonders of the world, less known to tourists

We all know about attractions such as the Colosseum , the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal. But in the world there are other grandiose objectives that have never heard about the most passionate travelers in the world. And they are worthy of our attention.

Seven Wonders of the World (film)

Seven Wonders of the World is a 1956 film in Cinerama about the Wonders of the World . List of American films of 1956 “All Time Domestic Champs”, Variety

Great Mosque in Mali Djené

Djené Mosque is the largest building in the world aluviară clay. Djené located in the old city, the mosque was included in 1988 on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Now, the mosque is closed for tourists. It is believed that the decision was taken in 1996 at its walls after a photo shoot for Vogue.

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Top 10 Underappreciated Wonders Of The World – YouTube

Jan 14, 2016 Because it doesn’t have to be an official ‘ Wonder of the World‘ to leave you lost for words! Join as we count down …

Chand Baori in India

Chand Baori architectural complex, located in the small Indian village Abhaneri is one of the oldest and deepest wells in the world stage. Giant structure that resembles an inverted pyramid, descend underground more than 30 meters on three of its walls there, in a perfect symmetry, 3,500 steps leading to the water – a small green lake cloudy. Scientists continue to discuss whether the fountain was built between centuries IX – XI or 600 years before our era.

Egypt will rebuild one of the “seven wonders of the ancient world”

English: The Front of Citadel Qaitbay, from the wall above the entrance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Supreme Council for Antiquities in Egypt has approved the new project of President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi consisting in rebuilding the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, inform Egyptian authorities still need the consent of the governor of …

Romania’s Parliament Palace

Parliament Palace is one of the most famous architectural monuments in Bucharest, built between the Socialist Republic of Romania. It is considered as the largest civilian administrative building in the world, the largest building of a Parliament and hardest administrative building in the world. Palace area of 270 meters by 240 meters and height – 86 meters. The underground part of the building down to a depth of 92 meters. The palace has 1,100 rooms and 12 floors.

Seven Wonders of the World – Hot Topics –

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (often called simply, the Seven Wonders of the World) is a list of man-made structures built during the classical era.

 Old Bridge in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pedestrian bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar is a modern copy of the old bridge, completely destroyed by Croat fighters in 1993. Bridge in Mostar is an object of UNESCO World Heritage . One of the traditional pastimes of tourists and a means of winning the youth of the city is the Old Bridge jumping on the river Neretva (jump height depends on the water level in the river – from 24 to 30 meters).

10 Endangered destinations places to visit now or never

Taj Mahal world heritage site in Agra, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Venice, the Dead Sea, Las Vegas, glaciers in Patagonia or Madagascar could have counted the days. The world is full of incredible places, but climate change, nature and man threatens the existence of some of these spectacular destinations, according …

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