What it should not miss from your travel backpack

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travel backpack

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travel backpackIf you decide to go on a mountain hike, be careful what you should not miss in your backpack. Do not forget to take with you things that can make the difference when it comes to your safety.

Make sure you have your backpack:

Light source - a front or even a flashlight and spare batteries. The day is shorter and the sun disappears faster on some mountain trails. Even if you have planned a short turn and you do not think you will need light, the front should not miss the backpack. You can opt for classic or multi-mode lighting (including red light or signaling).

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First aid kit - in which you have a minimum necessary if needed: a foil of survival, a few heaters, elastic patches or bandages and a few pills. The survival foil can save your life: it protects you from hypothermia, wind, rain, water, the sun's rays and cold. A jacket or a polar - even if you start full daylight on the trail, put in your backpack and the rain jacket and something thicker. Weather may change suddenly and you may need additional protection at any time to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

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The rain jacket or waterproof sheet is mandatory in any season. Telephone and map - Make sure you have a battery when you leave home and even a spare battery. Download the Rescue and the map of the area where you will go. Of course the physical map and a compass will be useful to you. Do not go alone on the trail and always tell the people where you go on hiking. A small package - a bottle of water and a power stick - gives you hydration and energy when needed. Of course, depending on the duration of the route, the package may be more consistent, but make sure you always have a small reserve. Do not drink juices or alcohol to hydrate and not use food (jars or heavy bottles).