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Venice, new tough measures for tourists

Venice, new tough measures for tourists
Venice, new tough measures for tourists

The Venice authorities continue to take tough measures when it comes to tourists. The mayor is now determined to ban the state on foot in public places , but also music on boats, the fines proposed for violating future laws being hideous.

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Italian mayor Luigi Brugnaro wants to forbid people to sit down or hang around in public spaces, including parks, in a new attempt to educate tourists, some of whom are described as “lacking in manners” writes The Guardian . People are already forbidden by law to sit on the stairs or around the famous San Marco Square. Fines for violating this rule will be between 50 and 500 euros, and the legislative proposal will be put to the vote in October. However, the mayor’s project faces opposition from the five Star Movement councilors, but also from several groups of activists. “It’s such a long list of things in Venice that you have almost nothing left to do,” said Marco Gasparinetti, president of an NGO. In addition, the authorities are seriously considering banning boating, the main means of transport for residents. The Venice authorities have been struggling for many years to control the flow of tourists, amounting to 60,000 people a day. Although not the only one facing overcrowding, it is the Italian city that has come up with some of the toughest restrictions. Every summer, a so-called group of “decorating angels” patrols the main tourist areas to make sure people adhere to the rules. Paola Mar, the head of the city’s tourism department, said the rules only force tourists “to treat Venice with more respect.” Here is the list of things already forbidden in Venice and the fines that people who do not respect: The San Marco square, Piazzetta dei Leoncini , under the archways or steps of the Procurations, the Napoleonic Wing, the Sansovino Bookstore, under the arcades of the Ducal Palace, at the entrance to San Marco Square and its pier (fine = 200 euros) Drinking alcohol or food is not allowed unless you are in a restaurant or a café (fine = 200 euros).

Drinking alcohol or food is not allowed unless you are in a restaurant or a café (fine = 200 euros) It is forbidden to swim or to put your legs in any canal, well or any other water area (fine = 450 euro) Obviously, you are not allowed to throw absolutely anything on the floor (fine = 100-200 euros) You are not allowed to go to the historic streets of Venice, even if you are in the car, naked bust or bathing suit (fine = 200 euros) Feeding pigeons or animals is not allowed (fine = 50-200 euro) Cycling is not allowed, not even walking alongside a bicycle (fine = 100 euros) You are not allowed to lie on the benches or to park in the parks. (fine = 50 euro).

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