Unorthodox way to remove ice on from plane’s wings

Unorthodox way to remove ice on from plane's wings


Ice in certain areas of airplane and wings fuselage must be removed before they take off. This is done using aircraft de-icing systems and special chemicals.

A more “unorthodox” method was used for a Ryanair airline, as seen in a video clip shot at Brindisi airport by Italian politician Mauro D’Attis.

The ice on the airplane wings was removed after hot water buckets were poured on them.

As a standard, ice on airplanes is removed with a special spray application. This prevents ice formation.

Airport employees have defended and argued that hot water can be used when the outside temperature is 0 degrees Celsius. “It’s a safe procedure,” according to them. Moreover, they claim they have received the green light from the aircraft captain for the procedure.

However, after this incident, the Italian governmental organization responsible for air safety will send inspectors to the airport.

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