Unique 5 stars spa complex to be build in Romania

Unique 5 stars spa complex to be build in Romania

Unique 5 stars spa complex to be build in Romania

Soon, not only Hungary will offer Europeans the best spas. And Romania wants to attract tourists looking for holidays in resorts with thermal water and is likely to succeed. Soon, it will open only five-star spa complex in Romania.

From this autumn, tourists will enjoy the amenities of a 5 star resort, the largest resort in Romania, the country unique and internationally recognized for its thermal waters.

The hotel is located in Baile Felix and construction work began in 2010. According adevarul.ro, 29 million euro investment the company makes in Turism Felix largest entertainment complex in Romania.

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Lotus Therme will be very spectacular and will be one of the architecturally modern, conference rooms, lounges – restaurant, modern wellness & spa, treatment rooms ultradotat, a complex of 14 pools indoor and outdoor thermal pools and recycled terraces that allow contemplation of outer space, beds in single, double and apartment type.

The novelty will consist of four retractable domes covering indoor pools. The new complex offers seven thermal pools and seven heated water.

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