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TripAdvisor platform at the heart of a sexual scandal

TripAdvisor platform

Representatives of the famous TripAdvisor travel platform have apologized to a woman in Texas , after the moderators had an inappropriate response to the review of the woman’s story of how she was raped by a security agent in a tourist resort in Mexico.

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Dec 17, 2015 Just let the homeowner know you’d like to keep it in-house (pun intended!) and pay on the TripAdvisor platform using a credit card or PayPal.

The American Travel Planner, which provides many travel reviews, is at the heart of a huge scandal after The Journal Sentinel published an investigation that reported three women who told the site that they had been raped in a ” a resort in Mexico woke up with remarked comments by moderators , the New York Times writes . Kristie Love, 35, told the nightmare she had been through to warn other women, but her message was erased by platform moderators. In 2010, Kristie revealed to her that she was raped by the guard at the hotel where she stayed in Iberostar Paraiso Maya, a Mexican resort near Cancun. Two other women have experienced similar experiences.

A moderator from TripAdvisor saw the post, decided to violate the company’s principles and made the decision to delete it. Also, other comments containing testimonies and warnings about rapes and attacks in several hotels in the resort were deleted, according to statements by several users. Following this article, the platform’s representatives formally apologized by posting a communiqué on their site : “We apologize to the abusive victims whose comments were deleted from our forum ten years ago. At that time, the company policy did not allow reviews that contained a family-friendly language. In 2010, this language implied one that would appeal to a general audience. We changed that policy a few years ago to allow for more descriptive reviews on the site, including descriptions of certain incidents, such as rape or various attacks. We acknowledge that the previous policy was too strict and deprived readers of such information. We are terrified that these victims have experienced such aggressions on their vacation in Mexico, and other tourists should be warned about this incident. ” Also, the woman’s original review, telling her how she was raped in a hotel room near Playa del Carmen and Cancun, was reposted on the TripAdvisor website. Kristie Love also told The Journal Sentinel that the hotel staff she was staying refused to help when she told her she was raped. The hotel representatives would have told her that there is no report completed with the woman’s statement in their files, they did not answer the phone and they also threatened to sue it for defamation. A few months after the attack, he returned to Mexico, where he made a statement to the police, but hotel officials refused to cooperate with the authorities, according to a newspaper investigation. Members of the hotel defend themselves by saying that “I take seriously all the accusations made by their clients.” He would also have told the victim to go to the police to tell what happened, a call that Kristie Love would have refused.

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