Tourists will be able to enter the water safely this summer


Tourists will be able to enter the water safely this summer
Tourists will be able to enter the water safely this summer

Tourists who go on vacation this summer will be able to enter the water safely in 95% of the 21,000 bathing sites in the European Union (EU) and those from Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus tops the ranking for water quality announced on Wednesday the European Environment Agency (EEA), said AFP.

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In previous annual EEA report, the percentage of water that meet quality standards set by European legislation minimum was 94.7%. This year Switzerland and Albania were included. Percentage waters ‘excellent quality’ is 83%, according to samples taken in 2014, slightly increasing.

All bathing sites in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta have excellent water quality. These countries are followed by Greece (97%), Croatia (94%) and Germany (90%) all have high proportions of bathing sites with excellent water qualityIn the ranking compiled by EEA, Romania ranks last (after Albania), with most places where water quality complies with the minimum values.


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The countries that are most bathing sites where water quality is unsatisfactory are Italy (197 seats), France (105) and Spain (67).

Water quality in lakes and rivers is a result of the increase, but improves: it is ‘excellent’ 78.2% of inland bathing where 1.6% more than last year.

Approximately 85.5% of the seats at the seafront have excellent water. Best European destinations from this point of view, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Italy, then Spain and France, the last with a rate of 77.3% excellence.

As a proportion, the banks of the Nordic and Baltic countries present the most problems, while Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and France recorded the highest rate of problems at inland sites.

The situation is provided by EU Member States, which measures the presence of bacteria from sewage and animal herds, which could lead to vomiting and diarrhea. The assessment does not take into account pollution but can harm the natural environment, writes Agerpres .

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