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Top 10 things that tourists can do in Bucharest

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Top 10 things that tourists can do in Bucharest
Top 10 things that tourists can do in Bucharest

Parliament House, National Museum of the Romanian Peasantand old churches are among the places that should be visited inBucharest, according to recommendations made by the American magazineNational Geographic Traveler.

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National Geographic Traveler has made a top 10 of things that tourists can do in Bucharest. In this list are included visits to museums and emblematic buildings of the capital, and tasting of traditional Romanian dishes.

Thus, visiting Parliament House is one of the attractions of the National Geographic recommends arriving in Bucharest.

Another recommendation for visitors Bucharest is to walk through the city to see the architecture of buildings and beauty parks. An example of this is Cişmigiu Park, located in downtown. It is also recommended a walk on Kiseleff, where you can admire old villas, Arc de Triomphe and Herastrau.

No Romanian cuisine is not forgotten. Sarmalele with polenta should not be missed by those visiting Bucharest. In this regard, examples are given premises Caru ‘cu Bere and Tears and Saints , where you can taste traditional Romanian cuisine.

Top 10 things that tourists can do in Bucharest 1

Also, visitors are invited to discover and Romania‘s rural traditions. Leaving aside the crowded boulevards of Bucharest, visitors can discover the rural traditions of our country with a visit to the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant , shown on the website National Geographic Traveler.

Another thing to be done by visitors Bucharest is “to show ful” for Vlad Tepes. Although Vlad Tepes is associated more with the Transylvania region, those who know the story of Dracula in Bram Stoker ‘s book can go to visit the monastery situated 40 kilometers from Bucharest, which is the island located in the northern part of Lake Snagov, where supposed to have been the tomb of Vlad Tepes. Although it turned out that it was not buried here, Snagov is a good place for an outing, says National Geographic Traveler.

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No contemporary art should not be missed by visitors Bucharest, believes the National Geographic Traveler. Initially, interest in this type of art has shown a group of painters and visual artists from Cluj-Napoca, but many of their works were brought to the capital, with the opening of new galleries. The galleries that recommends the National Geographic are Zorzin Gallery, Gallery and Anaid H’art. Also Galateca gallery, opposite the National Art Muzelle, specializes in cutting-edge design and should not be avoided.

Premises of blocks that sounds “buzz” conversations trees are among the attractions of Bucharest.Outdoor cafes and bars have multiplied in recent years. “The library would have Cărtureşti Verona trend with back garden,” says National Geographic Traveler. The OAR Garden Palace Ştirbei Eden Garden are some of the places that should be visited.

However, you should visit old churches, whose architecture could impress. In this sense, are mentioned Stavropoleos Church, the Church Lady, Antim Church and the Church of the Holy Apostles.

No fun should not be ignored, so visitors are invited to walk in the Old Capital, such as bike bars, La Muse, Mojo.

Those who visit Bucharest should know and where he “wrote” recent history. 25 years ago, the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were removed from the leadership of Romania and killed after a revolt. At that time, thousands of people died and many battles were given in Revolution Square. A closer look at many of the buildings in the area “gateway” bullets still signs of the time, in reports National Geographic Traveler.

National Geographic Traveler magazine is a tourist profile published by the National Geographic Society in the United States. The magazine was launched in 1984 and has several international editions.

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