Tips on how to spend little time at the airport

Tips on how to spend little time at the airport

Tips on how to spend little time at the airport

During holidays all airports are crowded as usual, and the time spent waiting can be very stressful boarding. But experts have some advice that helps us to organize ourselves better, to go all out as quickly as the airport.

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First, not to stand in line to check in, we can solve this formality online and thus obtain very simple and quick boarding pass, writes Business Insider. The voucher can be printed, but there are some airports where you can go even downloaded with your boarding pass on your mobile phone. Some airlines have apps that travelers can find out immediately if the gate has changed or if you are already late and must hurry. Often, passengers must remove their shoes for screening.

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Therefore, it is better to wear shoes that can be removed quickly and shoe in place, such as for example espadriles or another model without laces or zippers. Gifts purchased for relatives and friends should not be packaged at the checkpoint because it is possible that those responsible for airport security to want to see what they contain and then we will unpack, thus losing much time. Especially during the holidays, we should arrive at the airport much earlier, at least two hours before departure. In order to keep the cabin a toilet Gent allowed, it should be ready in time. According to the rules, can not be taken on board aircraft or large tubes of cosmetic bottles. A good solution is to buy some samples of these products, which are small enough to be allowed in hand luggage.

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