The price for a space trip with Jeff Bezos’s rocket

The price for a space trip with Jeff Bezos’s rocket

The price for a space trip with Jeff Bezos’s rocket

The race for space travel has begun for some time, and the main competitors are Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin), Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and Elon Musk (SpaceX), the latter focusing more on orbit utility flights. It seems Blue Origin is the closest to the first flight of pleasure in Earth’s orbit.

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Year 2019 may be the one in which the first tourists will fly outside the atmosphere, and Jeff Bezos has already prepared a price list for his exclusive service on board the New Shepard space module. The Blue Origin stage is not yet known from a technological point of view, this being kept secret so far. Bezos plans to demand between $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 on a space ticket, which is quite affordable, considering that such a trip seemed inconceivable just a few years ago.

The New Shepard Module is designed to carry six passengers at an altitude more than 100 kilometers above sea level in the low orbit of the planet. Flight should be enough for tourists to experience a few minutes of imponderability and see the Earth as a whole until New Shepard returns to the ground using the parachutes. The capsule also has six observation windows, which are three times larger than conventional ones used for planes. So far, Blue Origin has successfully passed over eight flight tests to finish take-off and landing procedures, but none of these included the presence of a human crew on board, Business Insider notes.

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