The old lady ice skating on Lake Baikal

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Her name is Liubova Morekhodova, 78, and her story made in 2018 around the Internet, attracting no less than 30 million views after being filmed by a droning ship while patting on Lake Baikal.

Ger and loneliness. Between these poles, Liubova Morekhodova lives in a deserted wooden cottage of the Siberian steppe on the bank of Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

Named by the Lakes of Burial Tribes, Baikal owns one fifth of freshwater worldwide and over 3,600 species of livestock and plants.

In this kingdom of nature, Liubova lives alone at the edge of the world. Every winter, the old lady takes off the Soviet skates made in 1943, moistens the ropes around the tibia, and starts on the lake floor of the lake looking for her cattle that sometimes wander over the other shore. Liubova glides with the grace of an Ecaterina Gordeeva, the Olympic champion of Russia in artistic skating in 1994.

Her son’s retirement and occasional visits are the only “external” events that break the identical order of her days in the silence of the mountain landscape.

 Liubova was born right here, then went to the city, where he spent almost his life at a factory in Irkutsk. In 2011, retiring, Liubova decided to return to childhood, alongside her husband, who in the meantime died.

 Furlong and his colleague decided to film it from the car as well, entering the Liubova train in the frozen water.

In 2019, the Soviet skates of Liubova still resist the proof of time.


Single old woman grandmother skating siberia baikal...

Lyubov is used to skating long distances every day.


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