The most unusual accommodation in the world

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unusual accommodation

In the fight to attract as many tourists as possible, hoteliers are fighting for the most unique offers. From staying in the “Sand Castle ” and spending a night in the “Volcano Hotel “, there are really spectacular accommodation places all over the world.

When on vacation, most tourists are looking for standard amenities – comfort, Wi-Fi, breakfast and maybe a pool or spa. However, in order to win the fight between hoteliers, accommodation operators around the world have reinvented themselves with unique ideas and have built some of the most unusual hotels. From staying in a sand castle, to spending a night in a volcano, there are truly unique hotels all over the world.

Those who dreamed of childhood to sleep in the sand castles built on the beach can even live such an experience. In the Netherlands there are two such hotels, built in 2015 in Oss and Sneek. Rehabilitated each year, the two hotels house their guests in rooms made entirely of sand. The walls and ceiling have been treated to prevent collapse, and the rooms are adorned with sculptures also made of sand.

Hidden in the tropical forests of Chile, “Vulcan Hotel” attracts that category of tourists looking for a unique experience. Covered with vines, from the top of the hotel “erupts” a spring of water simulating a volcanic eruption. Among the facilities offered by this accommodation are wood carved baths and a golf course through the tropical forest. Guests have access to the hotel on a wooden bridge.

If you are coming to New Zealand and want to stay in less ordinary accommodation, you can try the hotel built as a grain warehouse. The silos were designed to provide a unique accommodation experience. From the outside, they don’t seem to be too spacious, but guests can enjoy a living area, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The silo’s hatch opens to give guests a view of the sky.

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15 Most Unusual Hotels In The World

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