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Villages in Romania you must visit

Villages in Romania you must visit 1

Villages in Romania you must visit
Villages in Romania you must visit

There’s little to begin fall, so why not take advantage of the last weeks of sun to escape the smog, congestion and hot concrete of the city? No need to get out of Romania to find beautiful rustic scenery in Switzerland or France, we have ourselves. And not only that we have, but there are about a hundred times more picturesque.

Below is a list of nine of the most beautiful villages in Romania, not tight on the internet, but the Holiday stories of friends and colleagues editorial. So if you’re planning a weekend getaway and do not know what destination you choose, inspire yourself from the list below. Whatever you choose, you can not go wrong, are all gorgeous! 🙂

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1. Şirnea

Şirnea is like a village out of JRR Tolkien‘s novels. It’s a small village in Brasov , located in Piatra Craiului Mountains, at an altitude of 1,400 m. In 1960 Şirnea was declared the first tourist village in Romania, and now there is a lot of exciting events happening as fire Sumedru (protector crops and shepherds), which takes place every year on 25 October. When the village children dressed in costumes specific place, make a fire and dance around him. The bravest of them jumping through fire or jumping over fire Sumedru as villagers say.

What can visit if ajunci in Şirnea? If you like places of worship, you should know that there are plenty nearby. You can also visit the National Park , Zărneştilor precipitous gorge Moieciului Cave and Gorge Dâmbovicioara Cave Bat Cave village, Pecineagu Dam and Lake Vidraru.

2. Pleşa

Few people know that in Bukovina, close to the mouth Humor, is a beautiful village, inhabited exclusively by Poles. Romanian language is not heard than the holidays and is used only when guests come Romanian.

In addition to peace and wellbeing that come bundled with image landscapes, there you can find out a lot about the culture, cuisine and traditions of Polish. And if you like hiking, the better you can explore the surroundings, any piece of Bucovina is a paradise and you will surely love.

3. Ciocăneşti

Ciocăneşti village is another story. I find Bistrita Valley, on the road between Moldova Maramures, not far from Worcester. On a placard at the entrance read “village museum” because it’s one of the few who managed Romanian villages, despite the passage of time, to preserve architectural harmony in a world obsessed with glass, fireworks pompous, modern finishes and Stainless steel railings.

The name comes from the days when villagers Faure weapons and armor for hosts rulers of Moldavia.Legend has it that Stephen the Great had established place of the altar of free Putna Monastery in the air with an arrow made by the people of these lands. Here you can find and painted houses. Yes, you read right. Houses painted.

In Ciocăneşti can you visit Leonida Peasant House Museum, the first house in the village which was painted with traditional motifs. Painted houses tradition was born in 1950, going from a peasant family of a lady who, when they wanted to change the color of the house, and wanted to building walls “to look and Moon and the Sun” according to a report from the National Journal. The result was not only pleasing to the sun and the moon, but of dozens of tourists each year Ciocăneşti reach.

4. Viscri

Viscri is a village of 1,000 people who became known worldwide after Prince Charles has bought a house there. Judging by the photos, it’s not hard to imagine why love Prince Charles of land Brasov.

What you should know about Viscri, if you choose to visit? Well, first you should know that hosts one of the most spectacular and ancient Saxon fortified church, which has already been entered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, people here have initiated a very interesting project, “Viscri natural wool socks.” The truth, of old socks crocheted woolen sweaters by women in the village were changed beginning on food, but while bartering has transformed into a real project: annual knit village women about 10,000 socks, gloves, hats, sweaters and felt slippers that are sent to a warehouse in Naumburg, Germany, where they then sold throughout the country.

If you get there do not have to miss any chicken soup with noodles, bread and jams fireplace. Few people know the sweetness of Viscri, officially launched in 2012 in Paris . The French can buy a bag packed with a silver spoon, but you can get a smile in return, Viscri villagers are very generous.

is visited annually by more than 15,000 tourists, mostly foreigners.

5. Botiza

In the heart of Maramures, Iza Valley, kept waiting a story that defies human habitation during tirelessly ever.

Botiza was first mentioned in 1373 as the Batizha and, in addition to beautiful places that will surely delight, here you can visit the monastery Botiza mineral water or spring Borcut. Once here, you can also see and Barsana, another village of the Maramures are proud and that is as picturesque as Botiza.

6. Torockó

Rimetea is one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania. Villagers say that here the sun rises twice.And in a way, really. The city is bordered by steep slopes, which creates the impression that the sun rises in the sky twice.

The Rimetea necessarily have to get if you like escalations and sports aviation, because – because of the way it’s set – Rimetea is the ideal destination for paragliding, off the road and hiking. And if you’re willing longer go another 5 kilometers you can visit the fortress Colţeşti, who was raised in sex. XIII, on a steep cliff, to serve the villagers as a place of refuge from the Tartar invasions.

What you can visit if you get there? You can try to pass and the Ethnographic Museum, watermill (dating from 1275), Unitarian Church (built in the eighteenth century), Stone Secuiului (also called giant’s supine because it looks like a huge night supine) and so-called rock tombs unique in Romania.

The most beautiful villages in Romania you must visit

A list of some of the most beautiful villages in Romania,  from the stories of friends and colleagues, Holiday editorial. So if you’re planning a weekend getaway and do not know what destination to choose, inspire yourself from the list below. Whatever you choose, you can not go wrong, they are all gorgeous!   15 …

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