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The “bikini hiker” was found frozen

The "bikini hiker" was found frozen

The Gigi Wu (36-year-old), known as The Bikini Hiker for climbing the bathing suit mountains, was found dead 28 hours after she announced, through a satellite call, a hole near Yushan Mountain in Taiwan.

A woman in Taiwan, known for climbing on a mountain-dressed swimsuit to photograph herself, was found frozen in Taiwan‘s national park. Gigi Wu, dubbed “The Bikini Hiker,” posted her hiking on social media. She had left alone on a trip to the Yushan National ParkAfter more than a week, she called a friend using a satellite phone and told him she fell into a hole. Wu said he is stuck because he can not move because of the injuries suffered during the fall. The island’s rescue service said it had attempted to send rescue helicopters from Black Hawk to its location three times, but the flights were influenced by adverse weather conditions.The helicopters began searching for it, but the weather conditions made the young man’s dead body found only after 28 hours. The rescuers arriving at the scene say they are waiting for a stable time to get Wu‘s body out of the narrow hole.

The saviors have reported that they are still waiting for the time to improve to be able to carry the young man’s body. a stable time to transport Wu‘s body into a narrow mouth, and the search party installed a camp near the scene of the accident. Commander Lin Cheng-I, who runs the alpinist location, said the body was found at an altitude of 1,700 meters where the night temperatures were 2 degrees Celsius. 

Wu was a star on social networking sites after having posted several shots in which he appeared only in bikinis on some of Taiwan‘s highest peaks. 

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The "bikini hiker" was found frozen 1

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