British Airways flight attendant suspended after a controversial video

    Stewardes was filmed, dressed in uniform as she smelled her stockings and shoes. “Do you want to smell my shoes and stockings?”  The video was viralized and came to…

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The worst airline operator in terms of punctuality

  “The worst punctual airline operator” is the title recently received by Wizz Air, which managed to “assemble” no less than 22.9 minutes of delay on every race leaving the…

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reason for emergency landing

A unique reason for emergency landing

A Qatar Airways passenger plane on the Doha-Bali route had to land emergencyly in Chennai because of a scandal broke out on board. A woman took her husband sleeping on her…

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passenger plane

What happened to a passenger plane after the master died in flight

The incident took place on board an aircraft Airbus A320 flying American Airlines Phoenix–Boston route carrying on board 147 passengers and five crew members, reports CBS News. During the flight,…

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