suez canal

Russia could have its own Suez Canal

Portman Venta Maersk is about to become the first high-capacity freight vessel crossing the Arctic Ocean on the North Sea route, passing through Russia‘s territorial waters, a route that would…

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Tips for a cheap holiday to exotic destinations

With a genius plan, creativity and much courage, you can venture into a luxury vacation with an unexpectedly small budget. At the time of Latin language, which many of us have…

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Travel compensation and how to claim them

Affected passengers are entitled to compensation up to 600 euros per person if their flight had a delay of more than 3 hours, was canceled or overbooked. Tourists can apply…

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Rolls Royce wants to build a flying taxi

Rolls Royce car maker is working on a flying taxi system that could be deployed at the earliest in the next 10 years, the company said. The British company claims…

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