The Dubai Food Festival an exquisite culinary experience

  Lovers of traditional Dubai food can participate in the annual feast dedicated to the culinary delights of this area. The event will highlight the wide range of dishes available…

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viscri village

Transylvanian village Viscri a model of rural tourism

In recent years, the small village of Viscri Brasov won more and more tourists, especially foreigners. Many say that the success of the village is due to Prince Charles, who…

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Journal of sailor held prisoner in a Buddhist temple

  His experiences in World War Dumitru Nistor, a farmer in the town of Năsăud, seem torn from a novel of fiction. Prisoner arrived in Japan, he kept a diary…

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Story of the wagon man

Fabulous story of a man who became famous after he was caught carrying a wagon through traffic across the country, came internet celebrity, and his goal was to see the…

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