Valencia, the city with the taste of paella

One of the most important cities of Spain presents a happy mix between old and new, in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Maybe he does not have the fame of Barcelona, ​​nor…

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Sulina to Istanbul

He crossed the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul

Iancu Avram, the Romanian hero who breaks barriers to swim, has reached his destination. He crossed the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul. There were 680 kilometers, more than the…

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Places in Romania

Places in Romania that you have to visit

A multitude of leisure options, whether you are on vacation or just wanting a weekend escape. Some areas are gorgeous, regardless of the season, but others, fall, will breathe your…

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Mdina, the city of silence and the nobles

  Close to the heart of Malta, where it should be its place, is the fortress Mdina, which opens your doors to a completely different world and takes you in…

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