An airline has asked cabin crew to lose 15 kilos

  A Pakistani airline has told cabin staff that they have to weaken, otherwise they risk losing their jobs. A notice was sent to 1,800 employees by company managers, warning them…

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British Airways flight attendant suspended after a controversial video

    Stewardes was filmed, dressed in uniform as she smelled her stockings and shoes. “Do you want to smell my shoes and stockings?”  The video was viralized and came to…

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flight attendant

What is happening aboard a plane without the knowledge of passengers

Several pilots and flight attendants have uncovered some of the less well-known things that can happen during an airplane flight, including why we have to stop all mobile devices and…

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flight by plane

Secret to the flight by plane, that travelers have no idea

Although the flight by plane has become quite common for everyone, yet well-kept secrets. Whether protecting luggage, safety pilots or the best day to buy tickets, they were all contained…

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