most beautiful places in china

Most beautiful places in China

Enigmatic for many, the country with the largest population in the world offers tourists some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Earth. Whether we speak of “the mountains rainbow”…

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aircraft manufacturer

Billion contract for 30 airliners. Aircraft manufacturer chose China

Germany and China signed during the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, an agreement whereby Chinese airlines will buy 30 A330 passenger aircraft manufactured by the European aviation group…

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The most beautiful places in Jordan

  Everyone knows that Israel is “Promised Land,” but few know that most of the events described in the Bible are happening, in fact, in Jordan. The same is where…

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atlantic ocean

A man wants to swim the Atlantic Ocean

A former policeman from Britain wants to become the first person to swim the Atlantic . In December, he will seek from Senegal to Brazil, going swimming away huge: over…

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