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Mercedes-Benz started to draw aircraft interiors

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After trying his finger in water with yachts , design division of Mercedes-Benz Style German car manufacturer entered the world of aircraft.

Together Lufthansa Technik, Mercedes-Benz designers have created a futuristic concept of personal aircraft cockpit can make short and medium flights.

The project will be revealed to the public during EBACE 2015 in Geneva aviation convention, which runs from May 19 to 21, 2015.

According to the creators, inside her thought is “innovative, luxurious and integrated” emphasizing the contrast between materials, colors and lights. In other words, it’s adaptive design used cars Mercedes-Benz passenger areas.

The two companies have worked on this project say they want to offer this interior a global clientele “with an affinity for a unique design.” After Mercedes-Benz Style dealt drawing people from physical labor Lufthansa Technik will make customization VIP aircraft.

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