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Safest place in the plane, according to studies done by experts

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safest places in the plane

safest places in the plane


A large number of travelers using the plane as a means of transport are always wondering which is the safest place in the aircraft in the event of an incident. Several studies have revealed the mystery.


If Your Plane is Going Down, It’s Better to Sit in the Back | Smart News

Apr 2, 2013 Discovery TV crashed a Boeing 727 in the Sonoran desert to answer the question: where’s the safest place in the plane?
Airplane is the safest form of transportation in the world during this period. In 2016, for the seventh consecutive year, no person died as a result of the collapse of a plane owned by airlines in the United States of America. And experts estimate the chances for a person to die in an aviation accident are comparable to millions. Even so, individuals who often use this means of transport ask themselves what is the safest place in the plane or the safest area of ​​the plane in the event of an accident. The safety of the area depends, in fact, on the type of aviation accident, shows “Huffington Post” . Every aviation accident is unique in its own way. The impact could come from a collision with the airplane‘s nose by a forced landing on the water or on the runway, for example. Therefore, no airspace can be categorized as safe.

Where is it best to stay


Although there is no statistical data on the safety of certain areas in the airplane, a 2007 study looked at the major aviation accidents in 1971 to date and concluded that the passengers near the tail of the airplane had 40 % More chances to survive an impact than those who stand in front of the aircraft. The seats behind the plane, behind the side edges of the wings, had a survival rate of 69%, while the mid-air chairs had a survival rate of 56% and the 49% front, the study showed.

Another study in 2015 analyzed 17 aviation incidents, from 1985 until that date, involving both fatalities and survivors, found that the seats behind the plane had a 32% lower death rate than the seats in The face of the aircraft. Specifically, the seats in the middle of the rear section of the plane had the lowest mortality rate of 28%. On the other hand, the least secure places were those ahead of the lines behind the aircraft, which had a death rate of 44%.

Of course, there are other ways to increase your chances of survival regardless of where you are in the event of an airplane incident. Pay attention to the safety instructions, stay alert for the closest exit, but also mentally prepare for a likely accident.

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Confessions of flight attendants: on what they think during a flight

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flight attendants

flight attendants

Always forced to smile and be friendly with all travelers, flight attendants recognize that often lose their tempers during a race and think of all sorts of oddities during a flight. Using Whisper application, ensuring their anonymity, several flight attendant told them the ideas that went through his head in those moments.

Pilots, flight attendants reveal favorite, least favorite airports

Kathmandu is the worst airport in the world by far. A glorified bus station running at 600% capacity with no amenities and confusing security. Has some nice couches now though.” — buildabeast. “Kathmandu is the worst airport in the world by far. A

The stewardess admitted that sometimes he would like the plane crash, that it may save someone and thus be considered a hero, writes Daily Mail. Another flight attendant said that if a passenger angry, then spits the drink that will serve him. And another said he smoked once in airplane toilet, which caused the emergency landing, but no one knew what triggered the alarm. Another hostess confesses that during an emergency landing, think only about programming that was at the hairdresser and ask if he will manage to arrive on time. Another airline employee and partner cheated with a pilot that introduced him as gay.

10 Shocking Secrets of Flight Attendants | Mental Floss

Jun 28, 2012 Newly hired flight attendants are placed on strict probation for their first six months. I know one new hire who lost her job for wearing her uniform …
Because of difficult passengers, flight attendants often take painkillers or get drunk with grief, immediately they finish a race, we find out in written confessions by Whisper. Sometimes, the crew on board fun night strolling aisle passenger planes and laughing faces of sleeping in strange positions and fun. Another stewardess customary to write his phone number on napkins, then they offer passengers attractive in the hope that it will then meet with them.

Bedrooms secret resting flight attendants

Pan-Am flight attendant on airplane. Photo taken during the summer of 1970 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Most aircraft Boeing 777 and 787 have a secret staircase that leads to several small bedrooms with no windows, for flight attendants. They need sleep, especially during very long distance races, writes Business Insider. How to Get …

10 Things You Should NEVER Do On An Airplane

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The most bizarre things encountered by stewardesses on the job

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bizarre things

bizarre things


Besides the many advantages of the flight attendant profession, such as holidays all over the world, there is something less pleasant. Hostesses meet, flights, hard things with us could have imagined.

Kansas woman tweets the bizarre things her boyfriend says in his sleep

A man who talks in his sleep has seen his bizarre ramblings sweep the internet after his girlfriend set up a Twitter account. Caitlin, from Wichita, Kansas, has been sharing her boyfriend’s hilarious unconscious chatter since October and now has over

In April 2015, the BBC reported that British Airways plane that departed from London towards Dubai had to return because of the unbearable stench caused by a passenger who used the toilet. Abhishek Sachdev, who was on board, told the BBC that “the pilot called stewardesses, and we have realized that something is not right. 10 minutes later announced that the plane return,” said Abhishek Sachdev.


In 2014, a China Eastern Airlines passenger who said he wanted to get off the plane quickly triggered an inflatable emergency staircase immediately after landing. The incident caused delays of two hours and damages of nearly $ 16,000.

Heather Wilde, a former stewardess, says the most bizarre thing he met was a passenger who has made ​​a packet of soup using water from airplane toilet. “The water in the toilet plane is not never been cleaned,” explained Wilde site Quora. On the list of the strangest things found in the aircraft after disembarking passengers are an eagle, a frog and a parrot.

Bizarre things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty …

Here are some of the most bizarre things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty. Rachel Gillett. Jan. 8, 2016, 2:20 PM; 1,858,693; 2 · facebook · linkedin …

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