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12 Tricks that can make one comfortable flight

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comfortable flight

comfortable flight

The flights can be a nightmare for people who do not feel comfortable in air travel. I do not know whether to choose the right place or feel discomfort and numbness specific state aircraft seats, they should know that there is always room for improvement.

Nine tips for a more comfortable flight

Nov 19, 2015 Cramped seats, dry air, cabins that go from hot to cold in a matter of minutes — we’re all acquainted with the discomforts of flying. We asked 10 …
Travel are downright uncomfortable. Whether you dread the thought of the state through airports, turbulence or clutter, you should know that you are unsure where flights are downright excruciating. However, they are the fastest way to travel, so if you do not have enough time to choose a bus or train, you have to accept air travel. To pass more easily over discomforts such travel website twentytwowords.com compiled a list of the most important tips to make your flight more enjoyable:

1. Make check-in online to reserve a good spot, but also to avoid standing in line at the airport.

2. Avoid places in the first rows. These are reserved for people with children.

3. Choose your seat near the wing. You will feel less turbulence.

4. Take time to run before you leave the airport. In this way you will reduce stress and be able to sleep during the flight.

5. Walk through the airport shops. You’ll stay trapped in his seat during the flight, so your feet will thank you for the little walk before boarding.

6. Match uric hour after the airplane to arrive on time at their destination without being misled by time zone differences.

7. Pass an empty bottle through customs. Arriving on board the plane, ask a flight attendant to fill it with tap water. This will save 3-5 euro.

8. Prepare your own snacks. Airplane food is expensive or unsuitable for those who own diet.

9. Invest in a phone charger and install some games offline, before boarding. Time will pass more easily in this way, and the phone can be used on how “plane.”

10. Take a jacket with you. You can use it to block the light, covering your head or pillow post.

11. Take your purse or backpack lip balm and moisturizer. Dry air will dry the skin of the aircraft, and these products will be of great benefit you.

12. Wearing comfortable shoes and loose pants or tights on long flights. Jeans are always a bad idea, making you feel uncomfortable.

Four Strategies For Staying Comfy On A long Coach Flight

Sep 15, 2014 When choosing your flight wardrobe avoid belts, ties, or big buttons — avoid anything that can pinch, poke, or constrict.






7 Simple Tips for Having the Best Flight Ever

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Air France-imposed flight attendants to cover their heads in Iran

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air france


air france

Airline Air France unions wall is made after that included a requirement that female staff to wear pants and to cover his head during races in Iran or during the plane stationed in Tehran.


Air France – Wikipedia

Air France stylized as AIRFRANCE, is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, (north of Paris). It is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM …
The airline Air France is facing a wave of criticism after wearing trousers regulation introduced on flights to Iran and wide jackets and scarves on the head if they leave the plane in Tehran. Staff accused the company that forcing female employees to wear clothing that is “ostentatious religious signs”, contrary to French law. Union leaders say that the dress code is an attack on individual freedoms and insists that the measure be voluntary one. Air France claims that the rules are not new and that they have already been applied to flight attendants during the stops in Saudi Arabia, where the stewardesses were required to wear dresses abaya that covers the entire body.



Business Class Travel: An Obituary

It was around 8pm on a Saturday evening while having dinner that I received a call from back home in Romania informing me that my grandmother had passed away. She was a much-loved grandparent and I wanted to be there for her funeral. However, I had to change a travel …

Staff accused the company that forcing female employees to wear clothing that is “ostentatious religious signs”, contrary to French law. Union leaders say that the dress code is an attack on individual freedoms and insists that the measure be voluntary one. Air France claims that the rules are not new and that they have already been applied to flight attendants during the stops in Saudi Arabia, where the stewardesses were required to wear dresses abaya that covers the entire body. Air France will, as from 17 April three daily flights to the capital of Iran, eight years after they were stopped because of international sanctions imposed on Tehran after labor conflict will be resolved. They were raised in January after Iran agreed to disband its nuclear program. According to a member of the union committee and staff at Air France, Christophe Pillet, quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian, the instructions were generating concern and opposition side. “Every day we receive calls from flight attendant worried that say they do not want to wear the scarf on her head,” said Pillet AFP, adding that the company’s management has already taken into account the possibility of penalties against staff neobedient regarding new dress code. Another union representative, Françoise Redolfi, told RFI that female staff is forced to wear religious symbols and that girls should be allowed to choose what they want to dress.


From 1979 Islamic revolution, Iranian women were asked to have his head covered. In France, head scarves are banned in schools and colleges, and cover the body with veils are banned in public places. This wave of criticism on the decision of Air France comes several days after the minister for women’s rights French, Laurence Rossignol, has given rise to controversy after comparing women who choose to wear the veil – including the burqa and niqab – with “black Americans supporting slavery. ”

What happens during the turmoil and how dangerous they are

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safe flight


safe flight

For many of those traveling by air turbulences are a cause for dismay. To help them understand what happens at such times, an airline pilot from known airline British Airways, along with two other specialists, explained what happens during turmoil and how dangerous they are.
The pilot and author of “Cockpit Confidential” Patrick Smith, the airline British Airways pilot Steve Allright and flight safety specialist from the Association of British Drivers, Steve Landells, commented and explained the problem of flight turbulence. The three experts were discussed including the processes by which they occur and how pilots manage them. According to experts, there are different types of turbulence. These occur when two large masses of air, moving at different rates can be found. In most cases, the turbulence are caused by thunderstorms and wind currents that come from larger aircraft. “The turbulence are uncomfortable, but are often dangerous. Various aspects of various types of weather can cause turbulence. The most common type is’ Clear Air Turbulence “(No – clear air turbulence), which is perfectly normal. Air flows from other aircraft can stretch even thousands of kilometers. Depending on the direction of travel, our flight planners choose to avoid them or to use these currents to reduce fuel consumption, given that it can fly in this way, with 400 kilometers per hour. The turbulence sometimes occurs when air currents meet with slower moving, “explains Steve Allright. Meanwhile, Steve Landells, flight safety specialist, says that turbulence may occur sometimes due to vagaries of the weather. Fortunately, thunderstorms are easy to see, the expert adds.

Is it okay to say ‘Have a safe flight’ or should I use some other words …

Up up and away! A-380 at Frankfurt Airport headed to Bangkok (above) I come from a world where it’s all about your words. Everything should always be spun to  …
On the other hand, wake vortices are a different phenomenon, dangerous but rare. These are caused by eddies of air that is created when the airplane is at low altitude and weight maintenance in air is left on the wings. The larger the plane, the more dangerous turbulence. However, very vulnerable and small planes. In such situations, a technique adopted by pilots is the gradual increase in altitude. “Despite all safety measures, I think every pilot was, at one time, in such a situation. Wake turbulence could last only a few seconds, but are memorable, “said pilot Patrick Smith. It may collapse due to turbulence flying airplanes? The fault is afraid of flying or inconvenience caused by the cramped space, most of the passengers do not feel at ease when traveling. During turbulence, the plane seems helpless in the sky, but, except in rare cases, it is not in danger, says pilot Patrick Smith. It is true that among the most common reasons of fear among passengers include turbulence. But they are part of the experience, not a cause for fear. Children, especially, who have irrational fears, not afraid of these reasons, says Allright. When the plane starts to “tremble” because of the turmoil, the pilots on this issue as one uncomfortable, not safety. Utmost care crew in those moments is to calm passengers. In addition, after such events, specialists inspect the operation of the aircraft, to ensure that everything works properly. “Aircraft are constructed so as to be prepared for turbulence, and the damage is very rare,” says Steve Landells.
Pilots assess the severity of the turbulence in flight, so that they can decide what is best for the flight. “Drivers will slow down to a certain” threshold speed in case of turbulence “, to ensure that aircraft and flight are not affected. This rate is close to normal, so that passengers do not notice, most often a difference. Can I change altitude or route. But the fact is that pilots remain very calm in such situations. Often try to avoid areas of turbulence, so it retains the air traffic controllers. The other drivers know when to change the route or altitude aircraft so that passengers are not disturbed or, at worst, wounded, “he said Landells. People who feel less turbulence caused by the lack of comfort seats are those near the wing. “Gone are very close to the center of gravity of the aircraft,” says pilot Patrick Smith. On the other hand, those seated from the tail will be affected by such events Airlines.

50 years of safe flying for Amelia man

Richard King of Amelia received the Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award. The Federal Aviation Administration recognizes pilots who have conducted 50 years or more of safe flight operations. Howard Plevyak, a fellow member and Glastar Builder

How Safe Is Air Travel?

Unless you've avoided television and the Internet entirely over the past few years, it has been almost impossible not to be aware of the recent dramatic and ...

Top 10 most beautiful stewardesses in the world!

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beautiful stewardessesFor most of the flight, flight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Wonderlist has compiled a top ten most attractive flight attendants on airlines worldwide, along with flight through the clouds really is a memorable experience.

Caviar in coach class? Heathrow introduces the on-board picnic

Fed up with airline food? Here’s a way to bring your own hamper on board. heathrow picnic. Heathrow, Gordon Ramsay‘s Plane Food picnic. Photograph: Daniel Hambury. Rebecca Smithers. Friday 19 September 2014 07.32 EDT Last modified on Friday 19 …

10. Virgin Atlantic

In their red outfits, matched with silk scarves, the Virgin Atlantic flight attendants were always noted. The beautiful flight attendant hair, seductive in their uniforms, star-studded HBO TV series. In 2011, in a poll, they were voted the “most attractive stewardesses.”

9. Thai Airways

The airline in Thailand, Thai Airways, has the committed some of the most caring and attentive to detail stewardesses, receiving, for this reason, a lot of awards for the high quality services aa.

8. Lufthansa

Lufthansa is one of the most popular airline, and its board crews found some of the most beautiful women … from the air. They are also famous for their friendly attitude and impeccable services offered.

7. Air Asia

Air Asia is distinguished by having the most attractive flight attendant of all low-cost airlines in the world. Their red uniforms your attention in any corner of the world you are, and their figures would be much more suited to the catwalk.

6. Emirates

It is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world with some of the most elegant hostesses of different nationalities. In any case, uniforms adds to the beauty of their natural sensuality.

5. Cathay Pacific

It is considered one of the best airlines in Asia thanks to excellent service, but also the most sexy engaged in the industry.

4. Kingfisher Airlines

India’s favorite airline, for obvious reasons!

3. Aeroflot Air

With their distinctive uniform, hostesses of Air Aeroflot hold 3rd on the list of most attractive hostesses. On a special website, Skyscanner, the beautiful Russian women were appointed passengers the most stylish in the world.

2. Singapore Airlines

Înbrăcate the famous “Sarong kebaya” Singapore Airlines stewardesses are stylish and ellagic not strive too hard. Despite their beauty, hostesses are more famous for their hospitality and the impeccable services offered, according to the international prizes that were awarded more than 15 years.

1. Air France

A trip with Air France may be the most pleasant experience-hostesses mannequins along with their uniforms even signed by the famous designer Christian Lacroix.

Airline Agrees To Stop Firing Flight Attendants For Getting Married, But Only …

Advertisements sold beautiful stewardesses as part of the appeal of picking a particular airline. Some of that remains today: flight attendants for Asiana Airlines have to comply with rules about their makeup, hairstyles, and nail length. Others only


Top 15 Most Beautiful and Attractive Airlines Stewardess

Stars and Sports Presents Top 15 Most beautiful and Attractive Airlines Stewardess(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ckOBq11eWc),Stewardess in airplane ...

Seaside tourists profile: 20% squabbling, 80% satisfied

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tourists profile

tourists profile

Hoteliers classifies them on our shore resorts on the Romanian Black Sea in categories from “miserable” or “fussy” to “relax” and “enthusiastic”.

Driving Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR) announced Thursday the opening of Seaside Tourism Exchange 2015 that tried to identify the types of tourists coming to the Romanian coast to be offered services which it wants each.

Between luxury and low-cost According FPTR were identified this summer following categories: ** Tourist house – go slowly, because he wants to always stay 5 star and just eat at the restaurant, “it’s a little lazy, so it asks others to plan the trip for him”; ** Tourist relaxed – has a positive attitude and find a solution to any problem, do not lament; ** Enthusiast tourist – dream of the perfect holiday and lose enthusiasm when services are not as expected; ** Tourist reluctantly – that no matter how good conditions offered by hoteliers would not get rid of stubbornness that can be read on his face every day, “want to be checked when you arrive at the hotel regardless of check-in specified ” ** Tourist contentious – of any search for a quarrel, get home as write the worst reviews on social networking platforms;

** Tourist greedy – the kind that though purchasing an all inclusive package is not satisfied with the meal served at the restaurant prefers to make provision for breaks between meals; ** Tourist low-cost – no meal purchases included a package they prefer to eat in the room or on the beach.  80% of tourists have normal demands and typologies toughest covers about 20% of tourists.

Tourism publications provide insight into Malaysia’s tourism performance

… surveys carried out, Tourism Malaysia has published three books on Malaysia’s tourism industry, i.e. the Malaysia Accommodation Directory 2014, Malaysia Tourism Key Performance Indicators 2013 and Malaysia Tourists Profile 2013 by Selected Markets, …

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

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Internet via Wi-Fi on board of the aircrafts

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wifi on plane

wifi on plane

European air carriers are rushing to offer Internet access via Wi-Fi on board aircraft, the desire to attract new passengers and create a new source of revenue through entertainment, and advertising services, Reuters.

Passengers traveling with US airlines already benefit from free Wi-Fi on 66% of miles flown, compared to a global average of 24%, according to data supplied by Routehappy. Europe, however, the adoption of Internet services for ground-to-air type is more difficult than in the US because of the number of countries in the region, while services based on satellite Internet proved too expensive for flights short distances. Since the number of satellites in orbit is increasing, leading to lower costs and airlines are increasingly aware of the possibilities of making money, the price is no longer an insurmountable obstacle, analysts say.

New European rules allow electronic devices to be used on flights

In this Oct. 31, 2013, file photo, a passenger checks her cell phone before a flight in Boston. AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File. What is this? Sponsored content is written by Global News‘ editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If

Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, Ryanair and Vueling are some of the major European airlines will offer Wi-Fi on board short-haul flights, following the example of low-cost Norwegian company that provides free Internet 74 of the 76 Boeing 737 aircraft in its fleet.

Besides the fact that they can charge passengers extra for that TV watching and listening to music on their mobile devices during flight, airlines can use connectivity on board to enable them to make purchases and reservations at restaurants and hotels in cooperation with advertisers and partners.

Global Eagle with Orange group, will soon launch a payment system based aboard the two aircraft belonging to Air France A320 and believes that the opportunities generated wireless Internet industry could increase revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

How to get Free WiFi on any Plane! (Travel Hack)

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Top Seven Must Dos in Johannesburg

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air france


You’re sure to find a lot of interesting things to do that will make your stay in Johannesburg,

South Africa’s second largest city a memorable one. Affectionately referred to as Jo’burg or

Jozi, Johannesburg is also the country’s economic powerhouse. It has diverse array of

entertainment options to pique the interest of every tourist – from cultural sightseeing to gold

digging, wildlife watching, shopping and nightlife. So, whether you’re planning a week’s trip

or only a couple of days, our handpicked list of attractions is just what you need to get

started.  So, here goes.

London Johannesburg flight from £ 522 RT – Johannesburg, SOUTH …

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute London – Johannesburg flight or a flight to a destination more further afield, take advantage of our lowest prices for your …

1) Get Wild

Live it up with Africa’s indigenous wild life animals at the Lion Park, an eco-tourism

sanctuary. Home to 80+ lions, numerous leopards, cheetah, caracal, spotted hyenas, black-

backed jackal, zebras, wild beest and wild dogs, Lion Park is focussed on conservation and

the regeneration of various endangered species. Visitors can explore the park using a variety

of options including guided drives, self-drives, night drives and/or overnight stay in tented

accommodation. You can also interact with the animals by feeding and petting lion cubs,

giraffes and ostriches. A visit during the week is recommended, if you’d like to spend more

time with the animals and avoid the crowds on the weekends.


2) Explore Mandela’s Magnetism

Get to the bottom of the workings behind the inequalities and unease that exist in South

Africa even today. Visit the various places where Nelson Mandela envisaged a bright future

for South Africa including Mandela House, Liliesleaf Farm and Constitution Hill. Explore the

Apartheid Museum for a vivid experience provided through the use of film, text, audio and

live accounts, which offer a stark reminder of South Africa’s era of segregation and



3) Go for Gold

Travel back in time to the days of the gold rush which dates back to 1886. Take a tour of the

various Johannesburg gold mines such as the Kromdraai (amongst the first gold mines in this

city), Blaauwbank, Gold Reef City and Ferreira gold mines, which are integral to the history

of this city. As part of the tour, visitors will gain insights into traditional mining methods, as

well as witness a gold pour and the brilliant glow of the molten gold.


4) Shop till You Drop

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the various shopping, lifestyle and entertainment options that

the various malls have to offer. From the upscale Sandton City shopping centre and Nelson

Mandela Square, which houses designer and luxury brands and boutiques, to the Rosebank

Mall, which offers excellent entertainment and dining options, there’s something to suit every

budget. Also visit the Neighbourgoods Market, which offers a panoramic view of the city

from the rooftops, Killarney Mall, which was the city’s first mall and Cresta Mall, amongst

the largest shopping complexes in this city.


5) Lap up the Local Culture

Get up close and personal with the locals at the Lesedi Cultural Village. When you visit, you

will interact with tribes from five traditional homesteads including the Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi,

Basotho and Ndebele. See how they live according to the traditions of their ancestors – from

their dwellings, to food and lifestyle habits including entertaining African dances. You have a

choice of visiting options including day visit, overnight stay or the dance, lunch and dinner



6) Journey Back in Time

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cradle of Humankind is a collection of fossil-bearing

limestone caves. This site has contributed significantly to our understanding of human

evolution and development over four million years. The caves are home to around 40 per cent

of the world’s known human ancestor fossils. The famous 2.3 million-year-old fossil

Australopithecus africanus was unearthed here in the Sterkfontein Caves in 1947. The

Swartkrans and Driemolen caves houses hominid fossils of Australopithecus robustus, bone

tools by homo ergaster, the forefather of homo sapiens, fossilized hearths and a collection of

270 burnt bones around 1.3 million years old.


7) Get Seduced by the Lipizzaners

Whether you have little or no knowledge of equestrian pursuits, you’ll fall in love with the

elegant South African Lipizzaner horses. The oldest horses bred by humans, the Lipizzaners

trace their ancestry to the Roman and Carthaginian horses during Julius Caesar’s reign in

Rome. They are loved by novices, racing enthusiasts and equine specialists alike for their

graceful movements, perfect physique and good nature. Watch the stunning stallions

performing at the Lipizzaner Centre Reserve on a Sunday morning. Following which, you

can also interact with the riders and horses. Lunging lessons are also available for those keen

to experience the joys of riding these beauties.

Done planning your trip? Book your
London Johannesburg London Johannesburg flight tickets through
www.airfrance.co.uk, which operates daily, direct flights from London to Johannesburg and back.

10 Things to do in Johannesburg - 10 places to visit for a true Johannesburg experience

10 Things to do in Johannesburg - these 10 are must do's when visiting Johannesburg. Many people will give their own ideas about where you should visit, but ...

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