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Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

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Bran Castle

Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros. Tourists visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in the castle.

The sum of one million euros will be used for work at Queen Mary Tea House and achieve a time tunnel, cabin lift to rebuild, restore shaft and tunnel, according bzb.ro .

BRAN CASTLE – The Official Website

We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place of Transylvania, the Bran Castle…commonly known as …
Tunnel Bran Castle was built in the 30s, the Queen Mary order to facilitate access to Bran Castle.This tunnel has never been opened to the visitors.

Bran Castle was returned to the state in 2006 to Dominic Habsburg and his sisters.

The lift will link the castle and park a distance of 40 meters.

The elevator was built in 1930 to ease crossing the road arthritic queen of the castle and park. The park will be built with a dome where visitors can watch a media show the history of the castle.

Over 560,000 tourists, mostly foreigners, have visited Bran Castle last year, hovering tourist attraction in third place most popular with tourists, after “Antipa” Museum and the National Village Museum.


A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles in Europe

How we can spend the entire holiday visiting or even sleeping in every castle in Europe, here are the 14 most spectacular locations of its kind in the old continent. Following in Dracula’s Footsteps Bran Castle is the number one tourist destination in Romania as well as a minor disappointment if you’re …




Castelul Bran - Bran Castle - Dracula's Castle in Transylvania

We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place of Transylvania, commonly known as Dracula's Castle.

Free Iasi City Tours, a project designed by high school students

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Free Iasi City Tour is a project of two teenagers thought Iasi for tourists coming from the country or abroad, in order to promote the tourism potential of the town.

Iasi – Romania Insights

Iaşi city is the county capital of Iasi County and the main urban center in northeastern Romania. Also, it was the capital of Moldova during 1564 – 1859, one of the two capitals of the United Principalities between 1859 -1862 …

Teodora Munteanu and Matthew Barhalescu Iasi are two high school students who want to get involved in the community in which they live and promote the Iasi tourist town with everything it better. Thus, in July 2015 launched the project Teodora and Matthew Iasi Free City Tours. The project aims to highlight the tourism potential of Iasi, a city that has a growing number of visitors, the accommodation was registered in April 2015, according Iaşi County Department of Statistics, 22.2% more people to last year.

Free Iasi City Holiday Tours is a project which aims to present the city by conducting free tours in English and Romanian, with over 2 hours. During its performance, the young initiators, as ghiyi tour will provide information about more than 20 attractions, from the route Palace of Culture, str. Stefan cel Mare, str. Cuza Voda and Union Square. The target group consists of tourists coming from abroad or from the Iasi, but are expected and people from Iasi who want to know more information about the city where I live.
Free Iasi City Tours project will be implemented for 2 months, months to be promoted some of the most important tourist attractions in Iasi, one of 10 candidate cities for the title of European Capital of Culture.

Iași, Romania | Ιάσιο, Ρουμανία

Iași, City in Romania Iași is a university city in eastern Romania, near the border with Moldova. In the center is the huge St. Paraschiva Metropolitan Cathedral, ...

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