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Mysterious landscape that should be on anyone’s list of travel

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chocolate hills

chocolate hills

Located on the island of Bohol in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills is a mystery for tourists and locals. Beyond clean beaches and clear water adored by visitors, there are some unprecedented geological formations whose origins remain shrouded in mystery


Mount Mayon, Turtle Islands, Chocolate Hills up for inclusion on Unesco list

A number of natural heritage sites in the country made it to the recently updated World Heritage Tentative List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). Aside from the newly listed Mayon Volcano in Albay and
Attraction is the ground with rounded conical hills the color of chocolate in the dry season and located in the center of the small island.

Geologists classify as karst landforms cone. In layman’s terms, these hills are remnants of limestone deposits from a time when streams and rivers were above sea level. The rain and other water sources created these valleys have turned the island into a tourist attraction.

Chocolate Hills – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chocolate Hills (Filipino: Tsokolateng Burol) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills but there may  …

Local tradition says that the hills are the result of the battle between two giants that day, the members threw rocks at each other. Then reconciling leaving the island cliffs are left where they were. Another story is that the hills are giant wept tears of the death of a beloved woman, saysTravel and Leisure.

There is no clear number on how many hills there, some saying it would be 1,268, and counting up to 1,776 others.


The famous CHOCOLATE HILLS on exotic Bohol Island, next to Cebu. Hike the 214 steps to a spectacular view of the hills and beyond. See the 45 million year ...

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