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Jimmy Cornell has created an industry of adventure at sea

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jimmy cornell

jimmy cornellJimmy Cornell is Dragos Cişmaşu screen name, born in 1940, son of the royal domain administrator Săvârşin. He wrote 16 books related to yachting and cornellsailing.com website says that sailed 200,000 miles, including three trips around the globe, and roads to Antarctica, Patagonia, Alaska, Greenland, Canada or Spitzbergen Islands. His book “World Cruising Routes” has inspired thousands of sailors; It was printed in seven editions and has sold thousands of copies.

His passion for travel has sparked a Norwegian Thor Hayerdal navigator who traveled Kon-Tiki raft in 1947, from South America to the Polynesian islands. His father was a victim of communism and died in 1959 in Jilava; Jimmy went to Britain after trying to finish his university studies and having worked for a time at MediaPro Studios.

30th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers wraps up in Saint Lucia

Marisja took away the biggest prize in the Cruising Division, correcting on top overall and taking home the Jimmy Cornell Trophy. The last two special prizes were awarded. Inua received the smallest boat award, and AWOL, was awarded the ARCH Marez …

A Gwenda know, coming as a tourist in Romania, and after two years of discussions with Romanian authorities, he managed to leave the country in the UK. He works as a reporter for the BBC. In 1975 starts his first trip around the world with his wife Gwenda împrună and two children, Doina and Ivan. The journey took six years amounted to 68,000 miles and seen 70 countries.His first vessel, Adventure I was under the mast foot a silver coin from the reign of Cuza.


Cornell Sailing Events & Publications

Founded by best-selling sailors’ author, Jimmy Cornell. Odyssey rallies for sailors . Long distance cruising books.

In the 90 starts in the second Cornell way around the world, and in 1992 organized the event which earned him the nomination in the Guinness Book; it is the largest ocean-going yacht race in the world. While organized other events: ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, Millennium Odyssey, from 1998 to 2000, a race designed to celebrate the new millennium, Blue Planet Odyssey, which wants to draw attention to warming Global Atlantic Odyssey Canaries Islands Odyssey and Odyssey. In 2014 he launched the fourth water yacht Adventure, a 14-meter vessel built by Garcia, two publications chosen vessel of 2015 and nominated as the “European Boat of the Year”.

Exploration 45: Aventura's Arctic Voyage with Jimmy Cornell

Footage of Jimmy Cornell's voyage in the Arctic with his new Garcia Exploration 45, Aventura.

Russian economist gets the most beautiful stewardess title

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Anastasia Babushkina gave up his career as an economist for a flight attendant job. Babushkina, a young woman of 23 years in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, was licensed in the economy, but wanted to travel so specialized aviation writes Dailymail.

Russian stewardess shines on Hainan Airlines

Russian stewardess shines on Hainan Airlines. Bazhenova Evgenia , a Russian flight stewardess , 31, has been flying with Hainan Airlines for years . [ CAI LINHAO / FOR CHINA DAILY ]. It ‘ s been more than five years since Russian flight stewardess …

Anastasia Babushkina won the title of best hostess in Russia this week.

Anastasia believes that a career flight attendant station is more interesting than the one in economics. “I tried to find an interesting job until the third year of college I failed to do that.”

She was named the best stewardess at a beauty contest in Russia. She also worked in the modeling community, posing for a modern portfolio. Having taken the decision to enter aviation, she did not regret at all and did not look to the past. Now is the winner of 26 awards in competitions Beauty related job.

Nizhny Tagil As a native of Russia, she said she chose this path because otherwise would have had limited opportunities to travel and meet new people. Anastasia Babushkina specializes in private planes, with a small number of passengers.

Secret language of stewardesses

Attendants and flight attendants have a language “secret”, ie a series of phrases they use to describe situations that arise in their field. A busy schedule, last minute flights received, incidents with passengers – many of these situations stewardesses have a secret language so as to remain discrete even when deplore …

“Unlike large airplanes flight attendants who work, those working in the private line planes have more responsibilities.” One of the issues they raised it is visa. The job did not help her with this and had to queue like everyone else willing. Regarding the present condition Aviation Russians are afraid to fly because they think the plane shot down in Egypt by ISIS, but Anastasia says it is not scared of this, despite the large number of hours they spend in flight each week .

“You have to stay calm and act professional, or you can send your mood jittery passengers.”

How Russians see the West | The Economist

On May 9th Russia will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war, known to Russians as the Great Patriotic War. It ought to be a moment for ...

Among the most punctual airports

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punctual airports

punctual airports

A ranking of international airports where they reported very few races late 2015, conducted by website analytics tourism OAG is helping travellers who want to avoid waiting periods before leaving for a destination or another.

The world’s most punctual airports revealed and the UK only has ONE

It turns out that if you want the best chance of a smooth journey, it’s best to use hubs in Japan, Russia, Finland or the US, according to a new report, which reveals the most punctual airports in the world. Shamefully, the only airport in the UK to

Airports in Japan, Russia, Finland and the US have proven the performance after analysis by OAG, because they have the fewest recorded last year delayed flights. OAG report reviewed airports divided into three categories: small, medium and large, based on the number of seats sold annually, notes the Daily Mail. Thus, a small airport category fewer than 10 million people sold annually, a model of punctuality in this category Itami airport in Osaka Japan with a rating of 93.85%. The analysis was based on the flights should take off or arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure or arrival announced. In the category of medium airports at Copenhagen was ranked first with a rating of 88.53% of flights arrived on time in 2015. Regarding major airports of the world, Tokyo Haneda from Japan included this year in the first position of the ranking, with 91.25% of flights timed departure and destination announced.


The World's Most Punctual Airports And Airlines In 2017 Are...

The World's Most Punctual Airports And Airlines In 2017 Are... New stats published Wednesday by UK travel analysts OAG reveal that last year 89.87% of the ...

Who was the first stewardess in history

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first stewardess

first stewardess

It’s been 85 years since women first inaugural flight attendant Ellen Church, which paved the way for one of the most challenging but at the same time beautiful profession – the stewardess, informs Daily Mail.


Rebecca Verzosa-Santos, first PAL international stewardess: A PAL icon has …

Rebecca “Becky”Verzosa-Santos with PAL chairman Dr. Lucio C. Tan with his wife Carmen, and PAL president Jaime J. Bautista during a dinner-reception celebrating the flag carrier’s return to New York in March 2015. Becky received a standing ovation

The first station attendant in history was occupied by a man. In 1912, Heinrich Kubis was committed aboard a Zeppelin. This was when the planes were not yet large enough to have a crew racing line extended and not begun to unfold. Then Kubis worked in an aircraft called Schwaben, going after some time to lead a team of drivers.

Only in 1939 in the role of hostess come first woman, Ellen Church. She is the one who opened the way to one of the most demanding yet beautiful profession. Ellen attended the inaugural flight for Boeing Air Transport. At that time, women could not travel alone by plane. Ellen Church but wanted to change this view. Driver’s license and a diploma in nursing and wanted at all costs to prove that women can work on an airplane.

She was selected as a crew because it was believed that a nurse may reassure passengers nervous or scared. It was, at first the role of Ellen. Her first flight lasted 20 hours. In time, she helped promote hostess station and helped other women’s selection for this post.

Ellen Church was born on September 22, 1904 in Cresco, Iowa in United States. Before being selected to the first team of drivers, the woman worked as a nurse in a hospital in San Francisco.Ellen died on August 22, 1965, while attending a horse race.

Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets About Flying

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