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Seaside tourists profile: 20% squabbling, 80% satisfied

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tourists profile

tourists profile

Hoteliers classifies them on our shore resorts on the Romanian Black Sea in categories from “miserable” or “fussy” to “relax” and “enthusiastic”.

Driving Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR) announced Thursday the opening of Seaside Tourism Exchange 2015 that tried to identify the types of tourists coming to the Romanian coast to be offered services which it wants each.

Between luxury and low-cost According FPTR were identified this summer following categories: ** Tourist house – go slowly, because he wants to always stay 5 star and just eat at the restaurant, “it’s a little lazy, so it asks others to plan the trip for him”; ** Tourist relaxed – has a positive attitude and find a solution to any problem, do not lament; ** Enthusiast tourist – dream of the perfect holiday and lose enthusiasm when services are not as expected; ** Tourist reluctantly – that no matter how good conditions offered by hoteliers would not get rid of stubbornness that can be read on his face every day, “want to be checked when you arrive at the hotel regardless of check-in specified ” ** Tourist contentious – of any search for a quarrel, get home as write the worst reviews on social networking platforms;

** Tourist greedy – the kind that though purchasing an all inclusive package is not satisfied with the meal served at the restaurant prefers to make provision for breaks between meals; ** Tourist low-cost – no meal purchases included a package they prefer to eat in the room or on the beach.  80% of tourists have normal demands and typologies toughest covers about 20% of tourists.

Tourism publications provide insight into Malaysia’s tourism performance

… surveys carried out, Tourism Malaysia has published three books on Malaysia’s tourism industry, i.e. the Malaysia Accommodation Directory 2014, Malaysia Tourism Key Performance Indicators 2013 and Malaysia Tourists Profile 2013 by Selected Markets, …

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