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Three old ships, perfectly preserved, were found by two divers in Danube

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old ships

Two young divers from Constanta made a startling discovery at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina: the wrecks of three ships that sailed in two centuries ago.


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Pascale Roibu 35 years and Iulian Rusu 37 years, Constanta two divers who found the German seaplane of the Second World War in Lake Siutghiol, went to look for treasure in the delta. Last week they discovered the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina branch, three ships that sank more than two centuries ago. The expedition was prepared long before. Passionate about aquatic world and its mysteries, the diver to read more stories of sunken boats to Sulina. He decided to seek and testimonies that we found in the form of lithographs and etchings in foreign archives. Equipped with everything necessary, two professional divers went to discover the treasures of the deep. Near the mouth of the Danube in Sulina on the Black Sea in a freshwater pool, found at a depth of seven to eight meters wrecks of three boats: two commercial and one war. They were half buried in the sand and very well preserved. In the area there are strong currents and fresh water helped preserve the timber ships.

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Particular attention also drew her toward the warship, which has a length of about 50 meters. “It was built around 1790, from what we have given new account cannonballs of the ship model,” says Pascale Roibu. The vessel can be English or French. “It will be known with certainty when the gun emblem will be analyzed, since at that time the weapons of this type was made royal emblem,” says Pascale Roibu. 100 cannonballs sleeping on the seabed The war ship, diving in just a few hours, the two have discovered more than 100 balls in the ship’s hold, caliber 30 cm and each weighing 70 kilograms. There, they found a canon carriage wheel. “In view of this wheel, we believe that a gun would have weighed a ton and a half.” How is the archaeological site, unlike the Black Sea, the two explorers out of the depths a cannon shot and a wheel were donated to the Lighthouse Museum of Sulina. There have also been announced Hall Sulina and Tulcea Culture Department. Iulian Vizauer, executive director of the County Department for Culture, and, Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Tulcea, said that there were reports that are part artifacts. “By their uniqueness, these findings are very important. Monday we started the procedure for classifying as a site archaeological site, “he said. Representative culture institution considers that these ships are best preserved in the state in which they long. “They have adapted to that environment. He pulled to the surface, would be subject to bacteriological attack, which would quickly deteriorate “, he added.

What they were looking for at that time foreign ships in the Black Sea? The general context, says prof. Dr. Valentin Ciorbea was marked by what everyone calls “oriental”: wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, which ended after 1878. “naval battles were fewer in the Black Sea in that period. It is possible that the warship to accompany a commercial ship and was caught by a storm and sunk “, said history teacher.

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Equally true is the fact that it was customary for Ukrainians to come and attack boats Danube. “Although Turks have maintained a strict control over the Black Sea, there were countless gateways at the mouth of the Danube Otherwise we can not explain what I was looking for Dutch coins discovered. The fact is that after the year 1800 the British began to come in these parts, “explains Valentin Ciorbea. Black Sea Treasures Pascale Roibu and 2013 Iulian Rusu found two wrecks of the German seaplanes Ovidiu Lake Mamaia. Wrecks were buried in the silt at a depth of 4.5 meters in the middle of the lake, Roibu says Pascale. One of them belonged to a flying boat built at Blohm und Wöss famous site where the ship was built and brig Mircea school. The plane crashed on landing during a training night in April 1943 when the entire crew died. Last year, the team of divers discovered three ships in the Black Sea in ancient times. And treasure hunters would not stop here. They want to make diving and other arms of the Danube, where legends say that here are ships sunk.

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