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Safest place in the plane, according to studies done by experts

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safest places in the plane

safest places in the plane


A large number of travelers using the plane as a means of transport are always wondering which is the safest place in the aircraft in the event of an incident. Several studies have revealed the mystery.


If Your Plane is Going Down, It’s Better to Sit in the Back | Smart News

Apr 2, 2013 Discovery TV crashed a Boeing 727 in the Sonoran desert to answer the question: where’s the safest place in the plane?
Airplane is the safest form of transportation in the world during this period. In 2016, for the seventh consecutive year, no person died as a result of the collapse of a plane owned by airlines in the United States of America. And experts estimate the chances for a person to die in an aviation accident are comparable to millions. Even so, individuals who often use this means of transport ask themselves what is the safest place in the plane or the safest area of ​​the plane in the event of an accident. The safety of the area depends, in fact, on the type of aviation accident, shows “Huffington Post” . Every aviation accident is unique in its own way. The impact could come from a collision with the airplane‘s nose by a forced landing on the water or on the runway, for example. Therefore, no airspace can be categorized as safe.

Where is it best to stay


Although there is no statistical data on the safety of certain areas in the airplane, a 2007 study looked at the major aviation accidents in 1971 to date and concluded that the passengers near the tail of the airplane had 40 % More chances to survive an impact than those who stand in front of the aircraft. The seats behind the plane, behind the side edges of the wings, had a survival rate of 69%, while the mid-air chairs had a survival rate of 56% and the 49% front, the study showed.

Another study in 2015 analyzed 17 aviation incidents, from 1985 until that date, involving both fatalities and survivors, found that the seats behind the plane had a 32% lower death rate than the seats in The face of the aircraft. Specifically, the seats in the middle of the rear section of the plane had the lowest mortality rate of 28%. On the other hand, the least secure places were those ahead of the lines behind the aircraft, which had a death rate of 44%.

Of course, there are other ways to increase your chances of survival regardless of where you are in the event of an airplane incident. Pay attention to the safety instructions, stay alert for the closest exit, but also mentally prepare for a likely accident.

What is the safest spot on a plane? Safest seat on an aircraft?

Where is the safest place to sit in an Airplane? or you could ask Which is the safest seat on an aircraft? What is the safest spot on a plane? Everyone that has ...

Greek commuters get a new means of transport to work

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Greek commuters

Driverless buses are part of a program held in the Greek city of Trikala, starting this summer, but so far have been tested without passengers.

Last Saturday, the Greeks were able to travel by bus autonomously, that might be safer and more effective than one led by men.

A Greek postman crossed 58,000 kilometers to deliver some letters.

The OTE Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Having had the opportunity to know more migrants, a postman in Greece decided to make a unique gesture, meant to draw attention to the problems that people face respective. Ilias Vrochidis went on a journey that can take him home countries of …

“This is the first time anyone dares to offer a standalone bus traffic,” said Angelos Admitis, director of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems from Greece to popsci. com.

In the past, Greek autonomous vehicles circulating in well established or exhibition or supervised by a professional driver who could intervene in case of emergency. Trikala now has six independent buses that go along with the other cars, bikes and pedestrians.

In order to allow municipal project, it requires amending the legislation. Even then, autonomous buses will run under strict supervision of the authorities.

Maximum travel speed is independent buses 20 km / h. Even if other drivers can travel on the bus lane autonomously, the latter may not change the lane or to transfer – is used for specific paths.”We must be careful,” said Amditis. When people make an accident is an accident, but when the accident involved an autonomous vehicle, could be a political disaster, “even if overall record hundreds of traffic accidents“.

The program is part of a European project entitled CityMobil2, aims to develop ingenious public transport projects in medium size cities. Buses will run in Trikala autonomous until March 2016. The current autonomous buses, developed by Robosoft, they are in the testing phase.


How Lisbon traffic turned my X-mas holiday into a nightmare

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Lisbon traffic

We departed with one hour delay from Heathrow as there was fog in Lisbon, and they said it is better to stay on the ground, then to be held in the air above Lisbon. Otherwise using British Airways was a pretty pleasant experience, their planes look classy, and the food is ok.

The taxi from the airport charged us 20 euros for 4 people, it was a less than an hour journey to Princess Tea Hotel. On the hotel the comedy started they gave us two rooms on the first floor, no carpet on the floor and smelling of some chemical solution that made u sneeze all the time. I did not intend to change my room initially, but In the evening I had no choice, as I went for my shower I end up with shower bits end pieces in my hands. They agree to give us new rooms on the fourth floor, we lost the wi-fi connectivity but at least there was carpet on the floor, and I could had a decent shower. So my advice if you ever end up checking in Princess Tea, don’t stay on the first floor. Forget to mention that the view on the fourth floor it’s great.

Lisbon traffic
View from Princess Tea Hotel fourth floor

However I do have to make you aware that the windows are badly insulated so if you get there in the winter you might get the chill and hear the traffic in the morning, also the air condition is not working. It is a two star hotel after all, with dodgy tv and no coffee or tea facilities in the room. Staff is however friendly and helpful, breakfast is continental but with plenty of options, no fruits what so ever.


To see the city I have booked the Hop-on-Hop-off tour planning to do blue line in one day and the red line next day, bad idea as they have only a few buses and the traffic is as chaotic as the city plan. In most of the parts Lisbon buildings are crammed on to each other.

Footy Travels #13: Lisbon

Lisbon’s traffic isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen so taxis can be doable, though on matchday one might want to consider using the metro. Benfica‘s Estadio La Luz is on the blue line and stops right outside the ground. As does the green or yellow line to

If you plan to walk be aware that is quite hilly city. In some places they are no traffic lights and you need to be double careful when you cross the street. To my surprise they are more pastry shops then in Paris. Also you should work on your portuguese as not many of the locals speak english. Some of the new buildings have a very interesting futuristic architecture, but the new city doesn’t merge with the old city like in other places. On the second day of the tour we had to wait more than one hour for the bus because of the traffic, some of the streets are way to narrow to try to squeeze cars, buses and trams all on the same route.

Lisbon traffic
Modern building in Vasco, Lisbon

On the blue bus route the most important attraction is the Vasco, with it’s modern buildings , with ship and yacht shapes and the Lisbon ball room. On the red route the main attraction is Belem , with Torro de Belem, Centro Cultural de Belem and Mosteiro des Jeronimos. Both routes meet in 5 or 6 places, like Caie de Soidre , where EMSA centre can also be found (I almost got a job with them once – no hard feelings however). That is for now more on this story will follow soon.

Lisbon, Portugal - crossing huge traffic circle near Marques De Pombal metro stop.

I crossed 10 lanes of traffic in this huge traffic circle because I wanted to take pictures of the statue across the way. I was later informed that there was a way to ...

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