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The most dangerous tourist countries in the world

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dangerous tourist countries

dangerous tourist countries

The World Economic Forum recently launched the report on tourism competitiveness in 136 countries. It includes a safety ranking based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism.


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The World Economic Forum recently released a report analyzing the situation of tourism sectors in 136 countries around the world. In order to achieve the ranking, the extent to which each country exposes tourists to security risks, mainly serious harm, violence and terrorism, has been analyzed, writes businessinsider.com.


1. Colombia Colombia is not as dangerous as it once was, Medellin being the very best destination in South America last year. However, visitors to the country are still at a fairly high risk. According to the report, the gangs are still responsible for tourist abductions, drug trafficking and robberies that occur throughout the country, while acts of terrorism, such as explosions, are common in many major cities in the country.

2. Yemen Rebels from the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, continue to detain American citizens. Extremist groups such as Al-Qaida are also active in this country, and because of ground and air strikes, much of the Yemeni population has no food, water and health care needs.

3. El Salvador In addition to having one of the highest levels of homicide in the world, El Salvador is known for its many gangs.

4. Pakistan The religious conflict has affected Pakistan for years, and violence against certain religious groups is still common across the country. The Pakistani government limits the freedom of speech very much and forbids the access of foreigners to many places across the country.

5. Nigeria Two extremist groups, Boko Haram and the West African Islamic State, are responsible for much of the violence in Nigeria and usually target heavily populated areas such as churches, schools, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues. The US State Department states that “visitors should be” vigilant at public meetings and places frequented by foreigners “and” exercise maximum caution throughout the country because of the threat of non-discriminatory violence. ”

6. Venezuela The lack of food, medicine and other basic things has led to many social disorders and even crimes throughout the country. Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Armed robbery, murders or kidnappings are common forms of violence in most major cities. US State Department warns of voyages in Venezuela.

7. Egypt ISIS and other extremist groups pose a serious threat to public places in Egypt, including tourist sites. Groups are also known for attacks on various means of public transport.

8. Kenya While many terrorist attacks take place outside Nairobi, the terrorist threat is still high in other Kenyan areas. Grenades, shooting and stabbing are common forms of attack.

9. Honduras Honduras has one of the highest rates of crime in the world. In particular, Gracias a Dios is affected by murder and drug trafficking, with no police or military presence. Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba are other dangerous areas. 70% of homicide cases of American citizens in the last seven years occurred in these areas.

10. Ukraine The struggle between the Ukrainian armed forces and the Russian armed separatists is common both in the eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine, namely in the regions of the Donetsk region, the Luhansk region and the Crimea. Civilians continue to be trapped in battle.

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The only hotel in Romania with archeological site “all-inclusive”

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mangalia hotels

hotel in romania

In Mangalia, is the only hotel museum in Romania with archaeological remains. Today, the archaeological site can be visited, as it is protected by repairs occurring President’s restaurant.

Callatis history and amazing discoveries in the southern Romanian seaside written least so far. The remains were unearthed in 1993 during repair and construction works in the area of ​​the former hotel Scala. President was the first 4-star hotel on the seaside, besides Rex in Mamaia, back when there were no 5-star hotels. It was completely modernized in the 90s, the backbone of the 70s-80s. President Hotel was built keeping unaltered these important historical artifacts. Pretty soon, they will be visited again after renovations are complete. President Hotel was sold by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, being bought by a company in Bacau. After the findings could set the city looked like two millennia ago.

The first floating hotel in Romania, ready for inauguration

The little village Berzeasca (Caras-Severin) will soon turn into an exotic resort. Here it was built on European funds, a floating resort, such as those in the tropics, on the islands of Bora Bora, Galapagos, Maldives or the Philippines. The bungalows are built on the Danube to Berzeasca to over …

“Thousand years ago, this area was crossed by Mangalia City main street, six meters wide. It was carved from limestone paved and have a drain collector, built of large limestone slabs, which discharged other smaller channels, which links to the buildings or courtyards, located north or south of the main street . It was basically a true sewage system, “says dr. Sorin Marcel Colesniuc (pictured right), head of the Museum” Callatis “of Mangalia. At the end of West Main Street intersects with a high limestone wall, and at the east end is connected to a secondary street. In the west of the streets were investigated an inner courtyard, a fountain and a facing block with a cross incised, says Sorin Colesniuc. On the east side of the building with a basement is another street where a fountain was discovered 60 centimeters in diameter and one east-west, equipped with collection channel. In the southern sector of archaeological research uncovered a small building thermal sticking to the inner wall of the fortress, consisting of two rooms. One of the rooms have underground heating and the other a bathtub, small, plastered with a depth of 65 centimeters. Some construction debris were discovered fragments of amphorae aqueduct tubes. In the north it was discovered a pavement made of large limestone tiles and a fountain with a diameter of 65 centimeters. Under the paving is another, dated to the beginning of the seventh p. Chr.


The first Sheraton hotel in Romania will open in the center of Bucharest

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City history Callatis was founded, according to historical sources written at the end of the VI century. Chr., Dorian colonists arrived from Heracleea Ponte at the command of an oracle, a place called Acervetis or Cerbatis getics settlements. But the archaeological sources place the foundation of the city in the fourth century a. Chr., As the oldest archaeological material discovered by us so far, are dated in this period. At mid-century. IV a. Chr. was built in large stone blocks, the inner wall of the fortress, which seems to have an area of ​​80 hectares. Also when the port is built and Callatis. In the late sixth century AD., The city has fallen, its end being written and attacks of migratory peoples. Callatis was finally destroyed by the Avars and Slavs attacks at the beginning of the VII century.

Romania Travel – Paradiso*** Hotel – Mangalia

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