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10 exotic beaches you have not heard before

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exotic beaches

exotic beachesFor those who want to reach special places where to enjoy the sun and sea in peace, there are many beaches that few people have ever heard.

The most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean

  Although not as impressive as exotic beaches in Asia or Hawaii, the Mediterranean Sea are very picturesque and offers tourists an unforgettable vacation opportunity. Huffington Post has achieved a top ten most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Some beaches are wild presented in list, small oases of tranquility with fine sand …

Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico is gorgeous, with fine sand and crystalline waters.

French island of Corsica in Bonifacio Beach is another special place, where the hills seem that flows smoothly into the sea. The beach is a small port area, very quiet.

Philippine Star Beach is special, with water so pure that the seabed is clearly visible.

Apollo Bay in Australia has a large and quiet beach with fine sand and big waves, ideal for those who want to surf.

San Blas Island in Panama seems to be unreal, copied from a travel photo album. The beach is surrounded by palm trees paradise certainly many of us dream about.

Equally scenic beach in Mahe is the most largest island of the Seychelles.

Closer to us, in Turkey, there Oludeniz beach, which is located in a beautiful blue lagoon. Images captured from height are really impressive.

Baia do Sancho beach in Brazil this year was declared the best beach in the world.  It is isolated, wide and sandy, in a beautiful landscape.

Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands is among the most beautiful in the world with crystal clear water, blue, fine white sand and savory palms which provide natural shade.

Beach lovers, of Mexico, has a strange shape of the bowl is formed by sharp rock edges, steep. The sand is fine and clean water turquoise.

15 Of The Most Exotic Beaches In The World

From colored sand to hidden caves, here are 15 of the most exotic beaches all around the world. 1. Honopu Beach – Kauai, Hawaii. If you want to get to this beach, you’ve got to work for it. You can’t hike, boat or drive – swimming from an offshore boat

10 Most Dangerous Beaches That Actually Exist

10 Most Dangerous Beaches That Actually Exist ▻ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ...

Traveling through Asia hitchhiking “Beauty comes from simple things”

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traveling through asia


traveling through asia

In late summer last year they sold, given or left everything they had in Bucharest, climbed on the bike and went to Asia. Thus began the journey of Mary and her boyfriend Ben , who writes Jula Camelia “Think Outside the Box”. Maria is Romanian,  and Ben German together are “a couple of hungry minds and feet impatiently on the road”. In Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia way, told us about what it means to leave behind automatism of everyday life and turn your every day a new beginning.


Journey – traveling through Asia and South America – YouTube

Dec 29, 2016 Journey – moments of traveling. Total travel time: 9 months. Countries visited: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, …


“We are not the first trip, neither I nor Ben, but we have not exhausted longing for lead,” says Maria. Their plans, before they know and fall in love, were as follows: Ben wanted to go to Asia after graduation master and Maria wanted to go to South America after license. “Eventually, we were crossed paths we love, Ben moved to Romania, I waited a year to finish my studies and then we agreed that we go eastward. We chose Asia because I wanted to avoid to fly, and then it seemed the most plausible route. In addition, it is a continent as diverse natural and cultural point of view, “said the girl. Why cycling? “At first I wanted to go hitchhiking, then bike. The idea came suddenly and cycling was based on little, but our beautiful long-distance riding experience. We thought the best means of transport, but in Iran I realized that, ultimately, we are more than cyclists hitchhikers. And we regret that we sold bikes. We had incredible experiences with almost every driver who took us in – or on – his car. However, future and we want to climb in the saddle at the right time. “ To earn the minimum necessary money they need, sings the streets – “Maria plays the violin very well,” said her sister, Ana Irene. When and where have access to the internet, writing on the site, make photos and send messages from loved ones at home.


Traveling through Asia’s rock ‘n’ roll past | CNN Travel

Jan 27, 2012 Traveling through Asia’s rock ‘n’ roll past. From doomed Khmer auteurs to Thai funkateers, here are five bands that are way too neglected today.


What were the best moments of your journey so far?

In Iran, a December night, I slept in the desert, completely lost. I could hear my blood pulsation, so quiet it was! And I saw the sky never more stars. I think it was the most special night for both of us. Then, also in Iran, but not limited to interpersonal contact was incredible families sheltered us, fed us, and when singing women came to me on the street, I stopped singing, weeping and hugging me thanking me for small “revolution” that are in a Muslim country. On the way I met wonderful fellow travelers, we’ve been reunited. At Christmas we all gathered in southern Iran and we celebrated on an island in the Persian Gulf. We had wonderful experiences in many countries, I hope not understand that only happened in Iran. But perhaps there I had the most highlight sites. In fact, our trip had many highlights links, but rather beauty came from simple things: to read around the fire while waiting for tea to be ready to understand the stories of many people with completely different backgrounds, to find a nice place to put the tent, we feel exhausted in a positive way to end a day of riding, stop a truck after waiting an hour roadside etc.



Unpleasant experiences of a young man who has traveled to 73 countries

English: Dusk at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei on the eve of Ramadan. Minutes before, a muslim prayer rang from the church speakers. Français : La mosquée Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin à Brunei, au crépuscule, juste après l’appel à la prière, la veille du Ramadan. (Photo …


But the less beautiful moments of your journey so far that have been?

A terrible storm and we camping in the open field, a night surrounded by dragons, passports seized in Iran, after I sang in the street … I had bad moments and cycling: traffic at the entrance to Istanbul, where I thought he would not escape unharmed. On another day we caught a heavy rain and had to crawl through mud bikes 2 km, destroying several pieces. When we reached the road and the rain started. We stopped a car shoe that brought us to the next city. When I came down, the driver threw us all baggage, some bags were opened in the rain and many things we were filled with mud. I had some health problems, but not serious. The worst was when I had to remove a wisdom tooth, in Dubai. I cried there not only pain, but when I realized that I am in a monstrous place. The difference between high life and suffering is greater than the skyscrapers behind which hide the miserable living conditions. There are concentrated all the problems of humanity, and that’s why it was so powerful effect on me. But Dubai topic is too long to develop it here.

Stories from the road of Mary and Ben and fascinating photographs that document their adventure, you can find on their website, Wonder Lusters or their Facebook page.

TRAVELING SOUTHEAST ASIA - Route / Budget / Food / Tips

THE BACKPACKERS GUIDE TO SOUTHEAST ASIA EBOOK ➟ https://getaroundsoutheastasia.com/home Everything you need to know if you are going to ...

London, the most visited city in the world according to mastercard

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London is followed in the top 10 of Bangkok, with 18.24 million visitors, Paris – 16,060,000 visitors, Dubai – 14.26 million visitors, Istanbul – 12.56 million visitors, New York – 12 27 million visitors, Singapore – 11.88 million visitors, Kuala Lumpur – 11.12 million visitors, Seoul – 10.35 million visitors and Hong Kong – 8.66 million visitors.

Istanbul rises to become world’s 5th most visited city

With 12.56 million projected visitors in 2015, Istanbul outpaced New York and Singapore, climbing two spots to become the fifth most visited city in the world, according to the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index released on June 3

According to MasterCard, in 2015, it is estimated that around 383 million trips with overnight stay will be made by international visitors in the 132 cities analyzed by the Index, which is a massive demand for goods, services and experiences, as they will spend a total of 360 billion dollars during visits.

According to the United Nations on World Urbanization Prospects, two-thirds of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050. The number of international visitors forecasting, Global Destination Cities Index reveals the necessary infrastructure to meet the expectations of both locals and visitors.

Companies and governments can use the study findings to identify those areas – from transit, cultural experiences, infrastructure – are necessary investments for steady growth, innovation and sustainability, the study explains filmmakers.

London beats Paris and New York as most-visited city

They are longstanding rivals – two of Europe’s great capitals; urban giants who have tried to outflank each other for centuries in matters of finance, culture and architecture. But the latest fixture in the eternal battle between London and Paris has

Globally, some trends stand out: the Asia / Pacific hosts three of the four cities with the fastest growth between 2009 and 2015 (Colombo, Chengdu and Osaka); Europe – Istanbul is the most diverse destination, with 50% of visitors coming from 33 different cities; Latin America – Lima is so top destination and the fastest growing city in the region, accounting for nearly 50% more international visitors than the next occupant of the place, Mexico City; Middle East and Africa – Dubai continues to be one of the cities with the fastest growth rate in the top ten, while Abu Dhabi has the third fastest growing city as a destination, overall, between 2009 and 2015; and North America – Houston has the fastest growing region in 2009 and is the only destination in North America with a double digit growth.

MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index ranks cities based on the total number of international tourist arrivals and expenditures of these visitors cross destination cities, providing growth prospects on the number of visitors and passengers for 2015. Public data are used to determine the number of international visitors and spending border in each of the 132 destination cities using specially designed algorithms in this regard; Increased attention is given to remove the effects of hub for destinations such as Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam or Frankfurt, write Agerpres .

10 Most Visited Cities In Africa – How Africa

Cape Town happens to be the second most visited city in South Africa, and incidentally the second most populated city in South Africa as well. It was given an award by the New York Times as the best place to visit in the world …

Top 10 Most Visited Cities In The World

Top 10 Most Visited Cities In The World, Cities that have many visitor from around the World, 3 cities from asia, and 1 city from middle east, 1 from united states ...

Medieval castle turned into the most luxurious hotel in the world

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ashford castle

ashford castleAn Irish castle XIII century was declared the best luxury hotel in the world. The choice belongs to the international network Virtuoso travel agency. Ashford Castle is now a 5-star resort complex, after being renovated with the help of an investment of 67 million euros.

Ashford is one of the oldest castles in Ireland and is located on Lake Corrib. It has no less than 82 highly luxurious rooms and is also the first school premises Irish Falconer. After being turned into luxury hotel, tourists can see luxury of nobles living in the past. A standard room costs 500 euros per night presidential suite and reaches 2,500 euros per night.

50 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World – Dekh News

50 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World : In this article we have collected some of the most luxurious hotels all over the world, which you are wish to go or planning to visit these hotels this holidays. These below listed hotels will …

Of course, guests staying here will enjoy all the modern comforts: there are luxurious bathrooms where guests will receive the famous perfumery soaps designed also were added to the castle a cinema and a billiards room. The hotel has hosted dignitaries over the years, celebrities and even kings, writes Daily Mail.

Tourist now staying in the complex can take part in various activities: archery, fishing in the lake or riding. They can also learn how to tame a hawk, and those who organize their wedding here will get even rings Dingle the owl’s beak, star complex.

20 Of The Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

Money is no object for certain lucky travelers, and they have their pick of the finest accommodations when they explore the world. A far cry from the normal hotels that may offer a waterslide or a continental breakfast, these luxurious hotels offer all

The castle was built in 1228 and belonged to the family of Burgo Channel. Recently, the complex was renovated, the added air conditioning system, wireless internet and a spa salon, plus other modern facilities. The hotel was bought with $ 20 million Red Carnation Hotel company, which subsequently invested 67 million euros to renovate it. The restoration lasted three years and was mainly carried out by local craftsmen.

Virtuoso Hotel of the Year title, now designated travel agencies, which means the recognition as the best luxury hotel in the world, is a great success for the company which received.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World | Hotel And Resort

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. Costing approximately $3 billion to build, Emirates Palace has 394 rooms and suites, 40 meeting and conference rooms, a white sand beach, a myriad of pools and fountains, a sumptuous spa, …

Ashford Castle in Ireland, A Luxury Five Star Resort Hotel in Co. Mayo

Ashford Castle, in a magnificent 350-acre estate on the picturesque shores of Lough Corrib, is one of Ireland's most impressive hotels. Visit ashfordcastle.com for ...

The luxury hotel in the desert of Mongolia

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Visitor running down a dune in Great Sand Dune...

hotel in the desert of Mongolia

It is located near the Chinese city Baotou, where over half of mined rare minerals Pama ¢ Ntuli.

 Desert Lotus Hotel has a position that is not within everyone’s reach: nearly a thousand kilometers far from Beijing and ocean.

10 Of The Best Luxury Hotel Brands In The World

… the restaurant columnist for USAToday.com, and am a co-founder of TheAPosition.com, the leading golf travel website. I love every kind of travel, active, cultural and leisurely, and my special areas of expertise are luxury hotels and resorts, golf

Desert surfing, yoga, riding on camels

According to analysts, Mongolia is in an economic boom, due to high demand from the Chinese market, which has attracted luxury projects such as the hotel Desert Lotus.

Hidden among the sand dunes, stunning hotel has no proper foundation, but is based on a flat metal platform, filled with sand, which helps maintain the stability of the entire structure. The structure is made of “tents” white triangular, circular arranged in the shape of a lotus.

The hotel is part of a luxury resort appreciated especially by Chinese tourists, who can here desert surfing, yoga, riding camels and various other activities Mongolian cuisine. Specialists in the field say that the shape of the building reminds eco Arcostanti community, which promoted the concept of eco-friendly architecture in the 70s.

Inside the Rugby World Cup teams’ luxury hotels

They will be battling it out on the pitch in the Rugby World Cup – but will only need to wrestle with pillow menus back at their hotels. These are the five-star lodgings that the teams of England, Ireland, Wales, France, Italy, South Africa and New

Luxury Hotel Situated in the Middle of Desert

One resort in China called the Desert Lotus Hotel went against the grain and opted to place a facility in no man's land. Most hotels prefer to be located near ...

Quitting job and starting a journey around the world can change your life

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around the world

journey around the world Cartella and Stevo Dirnberger, couple who went on a journey around the globe, wrote in an online article about the less pleasant aspects of their adventure.

Earlier this year, the couple gave up stable jobs and ventured into an unforgettable trip. The two tourists write about their adventures on a blog entitled “How Far From Home”, where public and photos from the trip.

How to dine like a local in 10 countries around the world

What’s considered polite at the dinner table in one country might be considered rude in another country. So to avoid embarrassing yourself or offending your fellow dinners, it’s good to know some basic dining etiquette before visiting a foreign country.

Latrine in Greece

At first glance, they seem to live a wonderful life, far from routine office work. But young people will know and hidden aspects of their adventure: you do yoga on a beach in Greece, Chanel and Stevo Dirnberger Cartella wash toilets and doing housework for money.

“After reading several times materials online social sites, it seemed that live a perfect life,” wrote Chanel. “Do not misunderstand me – live a good life. It’s amazing. But it is not confined only to ice cream enjoyed on sun lounger and landscapes “.
In fact, writes woman, you do not take pictures in places where there is great, the two young people accept jobs “tiring and dirty”.

“I think so far we scrub 135 toilets, we collected 250 kg of dung, I excavated 2 tons of stones, 57 beds and I did not remember exactly how many glasses of wine I washed. I left Johannesburg and got the luxury of volunteer jobs “brutal”, so we are at the other end of the social scale. We septage, collect dog shit, sell vegetables on the market, we shovel, “he told the girl.

Cartella offered as proof a link to the company website works for, Workaway. It connects travelers willing to serve various activities in exchange for food and a roof over your head, writebuzzfeed.com.


A young man discovered how to travel for free around the world

engl.: Ramsons / deutsch: Bärlauch / рус.: Черемша. Young green plants in a forest near Mannheim, Germany – near the river Rhine (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A couple of 25-year US discovered ” secret ” almost free trips around the world: hunt for the best deals, accumulate loyalty points which turns …

“We eat just jam and biscuits”

And even if you work hard, he explained Cartella sometimes left without the necessary things of daily life. “While our friends in Norway and bought beer and sweets, we have allowed only dental floss and nothing more. The budget is very limited, we are obliged to use our creativity (and small talk) to solve our problems, “he told the girl.

“Not in the best physical shape. We eat most often jam and biscuits, we sleep about 5 hours a night and hauling bags very heavy on the street at one o’clock, trying to find a place to stay (because we do not want to give money on bus fares) “Cartella said.

On the other hand, the experience of such a life is worth every sacrifice, according to the young.”For us it is like a paradise,” she wrote. “Of course, we need to gather wood to haul garbage, but after work, we are free to explore, to walk through the city and be alone with our thoughts.”

“Nothing compares to when clean toilets, to get money, some food, a place overhead. So learn all about humility, modesty, life and the importance of enjoying each day as if it were your last, “concluded tourists.

23 years old youngster gets paid to travel around the world

English: Easter Island Fishing Boats (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many dream of a permanent vacation, but a young woman from Australia managed to turn this dream into a source of income. Brooke Saward, aged 23, traveling from January 2014 and turned it into a career through her blog. They won a million dollars …

200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

My wife and I traveled to 17 countries in 200 days. This film is the story of our incredible trip! Enjoy! We used a GoPro and a Nikon D7000 for all of the filming.

Fagaras Fortress ranked as second most beautiful castle in the world

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most beautiful castle in the world

most beautiful castle in the worldIf in previous years the number of visitors exceeded 30,000 hard threshold in 2014 the situation changed. Fagaras Fortress was visited by 55,000 visitors and this year it is expected to reach 100,000 visitors.

29 Gorgeous Castles From Around The World

Jun 6, 2013 One of the grandest private residences in Britain, this beautiful estate has been … One of Japan's most famous castles, Osaka has a five-.
The number of tourists is explained by the increasing promotion of the city. And that was included in a list compiled by Hopper, a site dedicated to tourism, as the second most beautiful castle in the world helped. Fagaras Fortress was originally used for defence.

The city became famous when it was taken over by Michael the Brave. Prince donated it to his wife, Lady Stanca, who lived a year in Fagaras. This is how the castle is the most sought after location for balls Transylvania. It was the heyday of the building.

The Fagaras four balls were held every year. At all participating parties Transylvanian nobles, more than 1,000 people. Historians say that the nobles and 50 piglets cut for a party from not missing red wine and ballroom dancing. Besides the famous balls throughout Transylvania, Mrs. Rock organize musical evenings in the city and attended by wives of nobles in the area. After the death of Michael the Brave, the city became a military fortress and Mrs. Rock would become imprisoned within its walls. Fagaras Fortress role of defense had to communism when it was converted into a feared prison where political prisoners were tortured. The number of those who have suffered from the city walls, because they refused to obey the communist regime is not known exactly.

Detainees went through most cruel tortures, designed to grind them physically and mentally. Inside the fortress, the Tower Dungeon, there is a hole, extremely narrow, only 50 centimeters, the prisoners had to stay crouched in cold water until they reached the knees.

Iron Maiden” was another instrument of torture appeared on the Inquisition and preserved and communist torturers. According to the documents, the device provided with a cage was placed between the hall and meeting room Inquisition Tribunal.

10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World – YouTube

Aug 3, 2015 Music Licensed from Audio Blocks Track: beautiful-piano_fyol1rEd Mont Saint Michel, France 1. “Photo by DAVID ILIFF”. License: CC-BY-SA …
The fortress has now become a museum, and Consiliulul Braşov County has allocated 11 million lei for its restoration. It has 66 rooms, spread over five levels. Visitors can admire the architecture of the city, but I can see and feared objects or torture chambers. The fortress can be visited between 10.00 and 19.00, and a ticket costs 10 ron. Tourists can visit the same price and Country Museum “Valer letters”, which boasts a collection of over 20,000 pieces.

Top 10 Most AMAZING Castles and Palaces EVER Built

Castles' and palaces are the most grand buildings in the world, and many of them were built for fascinating reasons, hiding interesting features. From fancy ...

Solar energy powered airplane goes around the world

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solar impulse


solar impulse

Solar Impulse plane starts two months of Abu Dhabi, a historic journey around the world, made only with solar energy.

Solar Impulse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, and also the name of the project’s two operational aircraft. The privately …

The public will be able to watch live what is happening in the cockpit and mission control center in Monaco visiting the site “solarimpulse.com” according Agerpres .

The plane will make the journey in 12 stages, the first stop will be Monday night in the Sultanate of Oman. Will travel 35,000 kilometers in total, with a speed between 50 and 100 km / h and reaches a maximum altitude of 8,500 meters. The mission will last for five months, and 25 days of actual flight, and will end in Abu Dhabi in late July or early August.

“We want to share our vision of a cleaner future,” said Bertrand Piccard Swiss, one of those who worked 12 years to make this detour of the planet using only solar energy, after the idea was treated with irony in the past aviation industry.


If you want to discover in 40 min what Solar Impulse is about, watch those 6 videos that will give a glimpse of what we have been achieving since Si2 first Flight …

Called Solar Impulse Plane 2 (SI2) is powered by energy produced over 17,000 solar cells fixed on aircraft wings, which have a length of 72 meters, almost the same as those of an Airbus A380. Made of carbon fiber, SI2 weighs only 2.5 tonnes, about how a jeep 4X4, which is about 1% by weight of an Airbus A380.

Solar Impulse prototype is the successor SI2 1, with which were made several long flights in Europe and Morocco and crossing the US in 2013, several stopovers.


A new ship for space tourism was launched

Virgin Galactic, the company British billionaire Richard Branson wants to hold the orbital flights for tourism. Its owner has announced that it will present the new version of the spacecraft Spaceship Two, which collapsed in 2014, informs directmatin.fr. Orbital spaceflight – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An orbital spaceflight (or orbital flight) is a …


What is solar impulse?

http://www.solarimpulse.com The adventure showing clean technologies can change the world. If an airplane can fly day and night without fuel, everybody could ...

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