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Most Romantic Valentine’s Day trip ideas

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valentines day trip ideas

Valentine's Day trip ideas

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day on 13 or 24 February if you want to surprise your sweetheart with a dream vacation, try one of the nine islands recommended. Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway for two. It is not long before we celebrate the most important day dedicated to love so should you consider choosing a romantic destination where to celebrate your love. Business Insider proposes nine romantic destinations for those who want to celebrate their love away.

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Grenadines, Caribbean

Because of its location in the Caribbean, the Grenadines is part of the most beautiful beach in the world. If you want to have some activities you could try climbing the volcanoes that exist in the area.

Tioman, Malaysia

This large island provides an authentic image of the villagers, Tioman is ideal for jungle trekking and diving or underwater adventures.

Santorini, Greece
In Greece you can find the bright Cycladic houses, painted white and blue, situated on the rocky lagoon, bordered by the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea.

La Digue, Seychelles

This island really is the embodiment of paradise. The turquoise waters surrounded by brilliant white sand and lush green jungle hills make for a moment, you think you’re in dreaminess.

Tasmania, Australia
If you love good food, mountains, lakes and hiking, it is a good choice Tasmania. You can enjoy the waterfalls, dolphins and Tasmanian devils, Australian island trip is a truly unique experience.

Nevis, Caribbean

Nevis is one of the few Caribbean islands that boasts that it has not yet been invaded by tourists, especially because is nearby island St. Kitts that attracts most visitors. The beaches are quiet, keeping mostly naturalness.

Huahine, French Polynesia

If you go to Hauhine you can enjoy various tourist activities. Whether you like to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine, you want to do horse riding or explore pristine beaches and lagunenele in this area, you will find your dream destination to ensure the perfect holiday.

Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique
Tourists who choose the destination Quirimbas will be able to see rare birds and underwater creatures in the 31 islands that make up the archipelago located just off the coast of northern Mozambique.


When it comes to sea and outdoor activities, Corsica can offer you everything you need: a prime site on the Mediterranean coast, beautiful beaches, mountains, valleys and small villages located in the majestic forests.






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