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Couple from Brazil defy gravity with every trip

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defy gravity


They are young, beautiful, in love and with a passion that gives dizziness many. A couple from Brazil defy gravity with every trip far on some of the highest peaks in the world.

These Images Of A Brazilian Couple Cliffhanging Will Take …

If you are an adventure lover, this will definitely set a benchmark for you. These images of a Brazilian couple, Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and his girlfriend Victoria Medeiros Nader,18, hanging from an almost 3,000-foot cliff …

Leonardo Pereira and Victoria Nader became famous on social networks. The image in which the edge of a cliff hanging Leonardo, taking a corner with one hand, almost 1,000 meters altitude, while his girlfriend indifferent smiles to the camera, is viral on the net.

“The first time I did this, I was a little afraid. Then I just sat on the sidelines. But the second time I left hanging from the corner and put it on the Victoria to do the same” he told the young aged 23, for ABC.

Victoria, aged just 18, and Leonardo met during a rock climbing trips in Rio. Their passion brought them together and their first meeting took place on hiking trails to the top of Pedra da Gavea.

Ilha da Queimada Grande: the most dangerous island in the world

English: Bothrops alternatus photographed in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in January 2010. Español: Bothrops alternatus en Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, en enero de 2010. Português do Brasil: Cruzeira (Bothrops alternatus) no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, janeiro de 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) At first glance, the beautiful island …

“We love the adrenaline and adventure, so there’s nothing to us in the way. I think that every day someone tells us we are crazy, but I think you could not tile a crazy person. There is a quote that inspires me very More: If you think that is a dangerous adventure, try the routine: it’s lethal, “says Leonardo.

And they’re not going to stop here: they will soon visit African safari and not necessarily to swim with great whites.

And for those who are skeptical regarding the authenticity of pictures, Perreira ensures that no case have used some editing program. Not even a rope to cling to the edge of the cliff: “There’s no rope there, just my hand and trust that I have in me. We like to live dangerously, it makes us feel like we live and are testing the limits”

This Extreme Brazilian Couple Is Really Hanging In There

Victoria Nader wasn’t sure she wanted to sit down when she reached the summit of Pedra da Gávea, one of the world’s highest peaks that overlooks an ocean. But Leonardo Pereira insisted. They sat together, and soon enough, Nader found herself dangling …

Confessions of flight attendants: on what they think during a flight

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flight attendants

flight attendants

Always forced to smile and be friendly with all travelers, flight attendants recognize that often lose their tempers during a race and think of all sorts of oddities during a flight. Using Whisper application, ensuring their anonymity, several flight attendant told them the ideas that went through his head in those moments.

Pilots, flight attendants reveal favorite, least favorite airports

Kathmandu is the worst airport in the world by far. A glorified bus station running at 600% capacity with no amenities and confusing security. Has some nice couches now though.” — buildabeast. “Kathmandu is the worst airport in the world by far. A

The stewardess admitted that sometimes he would like the plane crash, that it may save someone and thus be considered a hero, writes Daily Mail. Another flight attendant said that if a passenger angry, then spits the drink that will serve him. And another said he smoked once in airplane toilet, which caused the emergency landing, but no one knew what triggered the alarm. Another hostess confesses that during an emergency landing, think only about programming that was at the hairdresser and ask if he will manage to arrive on time. Another airline employee and partner cheated with a pilot that introduced him as gay.

10 Shocking Secrets of Flight Attendants | Mental Floss

Jun 28, 2012 Newly hired flight attendants are placed on strict probation for their first six months. I know one new hire who lost her job for wearing her uniform …
Because of difficult passengers, flight attendants often take painkillers or get drunk with grief, immediately they finish a race, we find out in written confessions by Whisper. Sometimes, the crew on board fun night strolling aisle passenger planes and laughing faces of sleeping in strange positions and fun. Another stewardess customary to write his phone number on napkins, then they offer passengers attractive in the hope that it will then meet with them.

Bedrooms secret resting flight attendants

Pan-Am flight attendant on airplane. Photo taken during the summer of 1970 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Most aircraft Boeing 777 and 787 have a secret staircase that leads to several small bedrooms with no windows, for flight attendants. They need sleep, especially during very long distance races, writes Business Insider. How to Get …

10 Things You Should NEVER Do On An Airplane

10 Things you're not allowed to do on a plane. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 CRAZIEST ...

The luxury hotel in the desert of Mongolia

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Visitor running down a dune in Great Sand Dune...

hotel in the desert of Mongolia

It is located near the Chinese city Baotou, where over half of mined rare minerals Pama ¢ Ntuli.

 Desert Lotus Hotel has a position that is not within everyone’s reach: nearly a thousand kilometers far from Beijing and ocean.

10 Of The Best Luxury Hotel Brands In The World

… the restaurant columnist for USAToday.com, and am a co-founder of TheAPosition.com, the leading golf travel website. I love every kind of travel, active, cultural and leisurely, and my special areas of expertise are luxury hotels and resorts, golf

Desert surfing, yoga, riding on camels

According to analysts, Mongolia is in an economic boom, due to high demand from the Chinese market, which has attracted luxury projects such as the hotel Desert Lotus.

Hidden among the sand dunes, stunning hotel has no proper foundation, but is based on a flat metal platform, filled with sand, which helps maintain the stability of the entire structure. The structure is made of “tents” white triangular, circular arranged in the shape of a lotus.

The hotel is part of a luxury resort appreciated especially by Chinese tourists, who can here desert surfing, yoga, riding camels and various other activities Mongolian cuisine. Specialists in the field say that the shape of the building reminds eco Arcostanti community, which promoted the concept of eco-friendly architecture in the 70s.

Inside the Rugby World Cup teams’ luxury hotels

They will be battling it out on the pitch in the Rugby World Cup – but will only need to wrestle with pillow menus back at their hotels. These are the five-star lodgings that the teams of England, Ireland, Wales, France, Italy, South Africa and New

Luxury Hotel Situated in the Middle of Desert

One resort in China called the Desert Lotus Hotel went against the grain and opted to place a facility in no man's land. Most hotels prefer to be located near ...

Top European cities that you should visit this Fall

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european cities

european citiesIced, emphasized by the soft light of autumn days, and interesting events that you can take part in this period to the completion of a ranking of European destinations where you can spend some memorable days.

Fall is a perfect time to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, places that acquires a charm in this period. The publication Huffington Post has reviewed destinations that deserve the attention of the traveler in the middle of autumn.


The Two European Cities Americans Want to Visit Most …

The company delved into its search data to find out which European cities generated the most vacation rental inquiries from Americans between July and September 2015. The winner: Paris, followed closely by Amsterdam.

Paris The city of love is fascinating at any time of year, but its charm if increases in autumn days, especially when doing long walks through the parks of the metropolis variegated foliage.


Rome Temperatures in the autumn months are ideal if you want to visit the city without suffering warm. And the wave of tourists has subsided, so that you can enjoy leisurely Colosseum, Pantheon and Vatican.

A boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam, under the rays of the Sun; area gently autumnal, is an extraordinary experience. In Amsterdam organizes annual Halloween Festival and between 29 and November 1, where the children and adults, fun blast. All children between 15 October and 1 November, Cinekid film festival is held, attended by over 50,000 enthusiastic little ones.


Most expensive cities in the world

English: An aerial photo of Bern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) European Cities, African and Asian cities dominate the most expensive for expats, according to a study by Mercer. In 2015, Bucharest ranks 178, compared to 169 last year. In Bucharest, currency fluctuations caused by political and economic turmoil adds to the cost of …

Prague The city seems to wear new clothes in the golden light of autumn, and the view from Petrin Tower or the impressive Charles Bridge are spectacular.


Budapest October is one lively if you are in Budapest, where they held Sausage Festival and Brandy Festival or the Festival of Children old trains and vintage cars.

Dubrovnik Jewel of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik looks stunning autumn leaves covered with picturesque streets in dozens of colors. What is even better, the wave of tourists has decreased and the weather is perfect for beating the city far and wide.


The European cities moving faster on clean energy than …

More than 6,000 European cities have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors, a voluntary commitment to go faster and further than EU climate targets. Their climate action plans call for, on average, a 28% cut in CO2 emissions …

Dublin Animation Festival and the Festival Bram Stoker Horror are two event for moviegoers, especially for fans of vampire stories. For the approaching Halloween in Dublin and you can go on a tour of the cemetery, where you will be pleased and thrilled by guides with horror stories. Do not miss a visit to the warehouse Chocolate.


Oxford Beautiful as a postcard especially in autumn, is busy Oxford students in this period, so you can admire while running from one place to another on bicycles. Parks universities clothes autumn shades, so are great places where you can sit and admire the architecture of the university buildings. Until November 2 Ashmolean Museum can visit the Tutankhamun exhibition.

Bruges Bruges is a mix of culture, history and varieties of chocolate that will make winter getaway to be a memorable one. This “Venice of the North“, as nicknamed Bruges is a World Heritage Site thanks to its old buildings and charming. Culinary festivals, which sits prominently cicolata will delight the most surprising gastronomic challenges.

Monaco Autumn reserves a lot of events in Monaco, such as sailing competitions, including one for Trophy Grimaldi, held on October 17 and 18, and a festival dedicated to children, held in Port Hercule, between October 23 and November 19 .

The 10 Most Beautiful European Cities To Visit This Fall

Plan your family vacation in the Fall after the summer’s heat and crowds have disappeared. It’s a great time to visit Europe with good weather (mostly!) for exploring, better rates all around, and that glorious Fall light bathing the picturesque



Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

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