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The most visited tourist attractions in the world real look

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tourist attractions

tourist attractions

Disneyland Paris, Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro or the Pyramids of Egypt are just three of the tourist destinations that actually look a lot different than the tourists know in promotional images. Extremely busy in the full season, destinations become inconvenient for those who come to admire them.


The World’s 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions | HuffPost

Feb 26, 2014 God bless all the tourists who run around the globe checking out all those famous spots that simply can’t be missed . While the can’t-be-misse…

There are a number of impressive destinations that enjoy a real success among tourists around the world. Often, visiting them in full season becomes a real chaos, the expectations of tourists turning into disappointment, writes Bright Side.me.


Locals about the most important tourist attractions in their countries

Niagara Falls from the US to the statue Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium, some of the most famous landmarks in the world have been criticized even by locals during a survey conducted by the Reddit social networking platform. Tourist attractions in the United Kingdom lists of tourist attractions in the countries of …


24 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

You're used to all the vloggers, instagram posts, and articles telling you about all the places you should visit, but what about the places you can't go to anymore?

Seven cities in the world where people are payed to live

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Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money.

Detroit, Michigan, USAParis of the West” – Detroit became a ghost town today, is far from the glory of yore, specifically the second half of the 20th century, according Brightside . Thus, the city government is desperately seeking artificially to encourage people to come to live there. Program initiated by City Hall, entitled “challenge Detroit”, proposed amount of $ 2,500 workers from nearby cities willing to relocate work in the former “capital of American cars.”

Seven Cities – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seven Cities may refer to: “Seven Cities” (song), a 1999 single by trance producers Solarstone; Seven Cities (Malazan), a continent in the Malazan Book of the …

Alaska, USA If you are one of those people who like snow and some colder weather, it’s good to know that to live here there are special funds that the state grant. The only condition is that there trbeuie to move there for at least one year. Thus, Alaska is perhaps the best example of a state that offers residents money. Since 1976, Alaska has paid with funds from the monetary reserve residents Permanent Reserve Fund. Amounts received by residents ranged over the years, from 331 dollars per person in 1984 to $ 3,269 per person in 2008, but the average is around $ 1,250. To be eligible for the loan grant, residents should not require residency in another state in America.


5 cities in Romania that you can visit for less than 200 euros

Cluj-Napoca (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Although the majority of Romanian tourists choose destinations abroad for a mini-vacation with 2 to 4 nights, few know that they can spend weekends and very beautiful city from Romania for prices and 50% lower than in major European capitals. Romania has 9 of the world’s top …


Saskatchewan Province, Canada This Canadian province offers the possibility of having recently completed school accounts to move into the area to start a new and fruitful career. Those who are willing to populate the land in Saskatchewan would receive $ 20,000 Canadian for a period of seven years living there.

Niagara Falls, New York, USA Another opportunity almost too good to be true: getting paid to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Government allocates $ 7,000 graduates who agree to work in businesses developed around the falls for at least two years.

Ponga, Asturias, Spain It is a small village in northeastern Spain, one of the oldest in the country and to attract residents we, the government provides $ 3,000 each couple moves in Ponga. In addition, for each child that couples who have still receive $ 3,000. .

Utrecht, Netherlands The Netherlands is a country known worldwide for its free spirit and orientation towards social sciences knowledge of the environment and man. Here’s a social experiment initiated in the small town of Utrecht, where each resident receives $ 1,000.

Solarstone – Seven Cities (Original Mix) – YouTube

Sep 1, 2014 Solarstone – Seven Cities (Original Mix) … Mix – Solarstone – Seven Cities ( Original Mix)YouTube · Solarstone – Seven Cities (Armin van Buuren …
Curtis, Nebraska, USA Although it seems incredible, in the small town in Nebraska you can get land for free: all you need to do is to provide a solution to improve infrastructure or local culture.


Impossible holiday destination

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The island is 290 miles west of the coasts of Great Britain and 440 miles south of Iceland. It has only 784.3 square meters and a height of 17, 5 meters. Only a hundred people came to her and slept there only four.

Rockall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rockall is an uninhabited granite islet within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the United ….. Jump up ^ Ondřej Daněk “Rockall” 2009; Jump up ^ “Written Answers – Rockall Island“. Dáil Éireann. 358. 22 May 1985. Retrieved 1 August 2007 …
In fact, the island is the tip of an extinct volcano that rises to less than 20 meters above sea level, in an area where the waves reached 29 meters. This island made history in 1955 as the last territorial conquest of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth of Britain authorized the annexation of the islands on September 14, 1955 and on September 18 a crew of two Royal Marines, a naturalist and a commander of the Royal Navy have raised the British flag over the island and cemented a plaque announcing its membership the UK. At 10:16 Commander Desmond Scott became the last navigator who uttered words that made history: ” In the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I hereby take Possession of this Island of Rockall .” That is: “On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II take] n possession of Rockall Island. ” This phrase was uttered by all the great British sailors who discovered new territories overseas and have attached the UK.

Nick Hancock spends 43 days on Rockall island in Scotland …

Jul 17, 2014 Father-of-one Nick Hancock spent 43 days on Rockall island, 286 miles off Scotland’s west coast, and completely missed the World Cup.
 Russians fear

The island was annexed following concerns existing at the time of the Cold War on the Soviet forces that could use that rock to spy on British nuclear tests. Between May 26 and July 4, 1985, a former SAS soldier in the forces, Tom McClean, lived on Rockall to strengthen the legal claims of Great Britain on the islands, inform travel.descopera.ro.

On this you can read today the following words: “Let the sun and wind do Their work. Leave the oil beneath the waves “. Ie: “Let the sun and wind to do their job. Allow the oil to remain below the waves. ”

ROCKALL 2011 – YouTube

Jun 9, 2012 Rockall adventurer Nick Hancock bids to set survival record – Duration: 6:15. The Guardian 5,489 views. 6:15. Rockall Island – Duration: 12:59.

Only four people slept on island

Throughout history, less than 100 people arrived on Rockall and only four can boast that they have slept there. Those who made this record founded The Rockall Club , among whom are automatically enrolled daring visiting this island. If you want to count you among them, the club’s website warns that Rockall visits “are difficult, subject to weather and are not cheap. A walk in the Rockall is a rare phenomenon that requires experience, specialized equipment, good weather and good luck. ”

If you want to try your luck, experts recommend that you contact the company to schedule Kilda Cruises, which led to complete 100% of attempts to get on Rockall.


“Rabbit Island” and the city where deer romp among free people

A great tourist destination with numerous targets, Japan, Land of Rising Sun is a true paradise for animals. Guy Gets Smothered by Bunnies on Japan’s Rabbit Island! – YouTube Jun 26, 2014 … Japan’s Rabbit Island, Ōkunoshima (大久野島), is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in the city …



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Cities of the world: metropolis that drew over 27 million tourists

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London collage


cities of the world


Experts from Euromonitor published this year among the most visited cities in the world. For the sixth consecutive year, a metropolis of Asia took first place in the top, attracting over 27 million visitors in 2014.

The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World – Condé Nast Traveler

Jan 8, 2016 Here’s a general rule to abide by in Venice: If you don’t get lost, you’re not doing it right. Even visitors with a GPS-like sense of direction will …

The most visited city in the world was in 2014 throughout the city Hong Kong, which attracted about 27.7 million tourists, thus remaining the first place of The six year in a row, writes newspaper The Independent, citing the study Euromonitor. It is a 8% increase over the previous year. On the second place is London, with nearly 17.4 million visitors, which represents an increase of 3.6% over the previous year. On the third place in ranking is Singapore with tourists 17.086 million, down slightly from 2013.

The most beautiful vacation spot in every country in the European Union

Have you ever wondered what places to visit in Europe, but did not manage to decide? The following list may help you. Big movie locations make memorable vacation spots … From the Mediterranean Sea to the streets of Compton, actors travel near and far to film their movies. But which spots do they …

The most spectacular growth in 2014 had a Rio de Janeiro, which climbed 12 places in the top 100, with a 47% increase over the previous year. And Mexico has had an extraordinarily good year in terms of tourism: in 2014 attracted 42% more visitors as in 2013. Most fell in the list of cities in Ukraine and Russia (Kiev, Moscow, St Petersburg), lack of interest to tourists is explained by the uncertainty caused by the armed conflict in the area.




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