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Eighth wonder of relaxation

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Two investors in Iasi recently inaugurated a unique leisure complex in Romania, a swimming pool suspended on the lake which has an area of ​​250 square meters, the largest in Europe.

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The leisure complex also offers an outdoor swimming pool for family fun during warmer months, a game room for kids, and an on-site restaurant for casual breakfast or family celebrations. In addition to these glorious amenities, tourists who stay at Le

The first floating swimming pool was opened in Romania in Iasi, being arranged Ciric recreational area. Two local investors have leased from Romanian Waters 7 hectares of water surface on Lake Ciric Venice or 3 third artificial basin of recreation complex built under communism in Iasi. The lake was placed a pontoon considerable size and in its midst are two pools suspended on the water. One is designed for adults and has a size of 20×10 and a depth of 1.6 meters. The second child is 10 meters long and 5 wide, with a depth of 1.3 meters. A third pool was built on the lake, the size of the overhead for children, for parents who want to enter the water with the children. Investors have contracted a company in France, whose experts came to Iasi and dealt with installing pool suspended. “The producers work mainly in Vietnam and Thailand. There is hardly any way in Europe. To our knowledge, is the largest they have built so far. I still made a calculation of the total investment. Much work was done here on a voluntary basis. The biggest expense I had with the pool, which cost us 80,000 euros, “said Razvan Stephen, one of the two administrators.Access within the leisure complex is free. Customers have to pay rent or chaise cushions the beach, with prices between 10 and 30 lei, depending on the day of the week. Children under seven are not paying the swimming pool. There are 470 beds and 100 seats from the beach. The daily schedule begins at 9.00 and ends at the last customer. Upon entering the complex was located a group of statues, with motifs inspired from Maori culture. Moreover, the complex called ” Tiki Village “,” tiki “means in the language of civilization in the Pacific” first man “. The two Iasi say were inspired in the design of complex leisure visits they have made in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Bali or Vietnam. Reed is brought in the Delta, and the sand on the beach of the Black Sea, rivers Siret and Prut.

Another possibility in the new leisure complex in Iasi is visiting the canoe or pedal boats rented a mini-delta arranged on the opposite side of the lake. Iasi Venice is known for rare species of birds have made their nest there in time. It features a pândar for observing such flying mallard, woodcock, gray heron, dwarf heron, coot, moor hen, kingfisher and cormorant. Customers returning from the lake with three PET or any other type of waste receive a 5 lei at the boat rental, which costs 15 lei.

“When we rented lakes November was indescribable misery. I had him half SECAM and raised mountains of garbage and the water was very dirty. Among other things we gathered about two bags of hunting cartridges and a lot of fishing nets. Due to intensive fishing and hunting, fauna disappeared for the most part. Now if they saw good and not attacking anyone, birds have returned, “he said Razvan Stefan.

“Winter Wonder” Nature Relaxation Christmas Music Video Banff …

Dec 9, 2014 “Winter Wonder” Nature Relaxation Christmas Music Video Banff 1080p … viewers on an immensely soothing and snow-filled relaxing journey …


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My Ealing Half Marathon: Journey from 2:30 Pacer to 2:10

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ealing half marathon

ealing half marathonI  started my race from the back following Dave (Pacer 2:30), as I have not trained for this and it was my first half marathon. I have participated last year as a Marshall, but I was posted at the beginning of the race, so I have had very little idea of what to expect. As usual my old friends from Ealing Eagles where involved in most of  all the organising bits of the race, some of them as marshall , while other where taking part in the race as pacers.

I think the start was slightly delayed, or it seemed like that to those waiting at behind the Pacers 2:30. Most of us at our first half marathon, worrying more of finishing the race than focusing on the actual timing. Forget to mention that this edition had more then 6500 people at the start, 1000 more the 2014 one.

Anyway let me get back to the actual race. I started at a slow pace keeping up with the 2:30 Pacers’ group, I’ve had to give up on my phone passing it to my wife while passing around my house. After that I felt like I could increase my pace, so I started chasing. Sooner then I was expected I was going to find myself behind 2:20 Pacer Group. At that stage I was enjoying so and felt no pain yet. No idea that the hard bit was about to come later on.

With the 2:20 group already behind me I went pushing myself harder, as most people in front of me were going at slower pace then I was. By then I was already passing 10 km, and I was feeling slight pain in my legs, as I was not fully recovered from a football enjury. However I was keen on going after Pacer 2:10, as I felt that I might aim to finish  in less then two hours. Had no idea that my left was going to let me down later on.


It’s a Sell-Out! – Ealing’s Local Web site

It’s the 4th such event and is well known for the huge community support and great atmosphere with runners travelling from all over the UK and abroad. The Ealing Half Marathon was voted “Best Half Marathon” by runners at …

After sometime I have finally managed to catch the 2:10 group, I pushed even harder towards the 2:10 flag , took me a while but I have made it, unfortunnaly the pain was going stronger and stronger. At some point it was so bad that I was tempted of giving up, but after you have already run more then 10 miles, would be a shame to put and end to all those efforts. I might have annoyed some of the racers as I was letting out strange sounds.

I did wonder if the guy who draw the race map, really run through it as some of the hills proved to be a bit stip. I also think that the race could use a few more water stations. By the way I think I was the most wet athlete in the race as I end up throwing most of the water on my head and face, while I was trying to hydrate myself as much as possible.

After some real struggle I started loosing time and tempo, as I my left knee decided it had enough. That leaves a serious question mark on any attempt of doing the London marathon one day. I finished the race dragging my body towards the finish line. At the end I was happy that I achieved my goal to pass the finish line, but somehow disappointed that I did not finish in less then 2 hours. (just for the number lovers I have finished 3431, with the personal time of 02:07:57. ). After all it was a painful pleasure to have run ‘The Best Half Marathon”.


Record number of runners line up for Ealing Half Marathon

A record 7,000 runners will be limbering up to take on the Ealing Half Marathon in just under an hour. The race gets under way from Lammas Park at 9am and will see runners of all levels taking on the 13.1-mile route on closed roads around the borough.




Ealing Half Marathon 2016

The Ealing Half Marathon 2016 #EalingFeeling Vote for me in the Running Awards under the community category for best Blog ...

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