Also, one of the objects is an ax that he used to make young mobile dust boyfriend who left her.  In 2011, the museum Kenneth Hudson Award for “most innovative museum” gala held in Bremerhaven, Germany.

A museum that attracts many tourists is the Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria (.  And not through its exhibits, which are works of art from ancient times to our time, but rather by the look of the building that houses the museum. . Some like a body or strange, others say it’s broken SF.

Museum “Bad Art” would translate as ” Museum of Bad Art “in Somerville, Massachusetts , hide in it (and well done) the worst failures and artistic works, paintings that a child of eight years they -It could categorize as failures. Kitsch is omnipresent museum work, and poor training of painters not even lead to naive art, but rather to some works that even the most loving parent would not hang on the wall if offspring would paint in such a way . And even if it defies common sense artistic works, even the museum exhibition is beautifully structured and what to see, looks even better!

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Museum cutter rookie Elvis Presley

Strange as it may seem, the place where the king of rock’n’roll and the military service was a museum that commemorates the incorporation milling.  Already famous photographs of Elvis Presley in military uniform, and most popular were those in which the singer wore no cap, leaving they see his new haircut. In this sense, the military base in Fort Chaffee can see exhibits reminiscent of the period of military “King”.

Cancun Underwater Museum of Art , Mexico (Museo de Arte Subacuatico) can be passed easily in the “oddities museum”, since, as it name suggests, can be visited only by those who are fond of diving into water.  But once entered into the depths, the visitor discovers a fascinating world full of spectacular images. Many sculptors have “thrown” into the ocean works, and they have been invaded by underwater vegetation, so regular divers Museum curators cleans sinks and exhibits. More than 400 sculptures and works well as a coral reef.

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Jul 12, 2017 No matter how bizarre , offbeat or outrageous the subject may be, there’s probably a museum dedicated to it.