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Story of the wagon man

Story of the wagon man
Story of the wagon man

Fabulous story of a man who became famous after he was caught carrying a wagon through traffic across the country, came internet celebrity, and his goal was to see the Europe like that.

Hoped he  will go on the adventure of his life last year and have business around the world with his makeshift machine, but not only that his plans have not got any shape, but worsened. Rudy, as it shows all the curious man, came to live out of  mercy of those who look at it as a museum piece.Moreover, he even no longer afford to leave in the town, and all he  does to survive now is to spin around town with  is his trailer.

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The man pulls behind him 500 pounds, because so who weighs trailer carrying grains of a local producer, and you do not do this, he sits in the parking lot of a hypermarket and offering his services to shoppers.

But this never happens, and that’s because people prefer to take pictures with him, but to use it as a carrier. To be sure that it is not amended, Rudy has signaled his machine regular to be able to run with it on public roads.

The only good thing enjoyed until recently was that he found a girlfriend, but she left him after some time, and Rudy was left alone in the world.

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After two years, Rudy traveled  for almost three months continuously, covering the route Baia Mare – Cluj – Iasi, Timisoara and Constanta.

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