Some employers regulate relations in the airline industry for pilots

Some employers regulate relations in the airline industry for pilots

Some employers regulate relations in the airline industry for pilots

Some companies in the airline industry in the individual employment contract governing relations between flight attendants and pilots of aircraft, although proximity of the employees are sometimes thousands of miles away from home is inevitable.

Internet via Wi-Fi on board of the aircrafts

European air carriers are rushing to offer Internet access via Wi-Fi on board aircraft, the desire to attract new passengers and create a new source of revenue through entertainment, and advertising services, Reuters. Passengers traveling with US airlines already benefit from free Wi-Fi on 66% of miles flown, compared to a …

Aviation is difficult. We all recognize. It’s hard being a pilot, and flight attendant. In both cases the work very much, you are away from home for several days, working nights and holidays. It’s hard to find someone willing to stand next you and accept all these things. It takes confidence, patience and understanding. Therefore, those who work in aviation have 2-3 divorces active principle, “says Cristina Toader, a former stewardess Emirates and Wizz Air , on his blog .

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The airline industry is constantly evolving, but most of its evolution is incremental in nature. New aircraft may be more fuel efficient, services change, and booking goes online, but flying itself hasn’t changed much in decades. That may change over

Although there is no official position from recruiters, candidates who choose to participate in interviews for some airlines in the Middle East are less likely to get the job, if married, engaged or in a stable relationship for the employer to ensure that there will soon give up the job.

“Working in the same field, pilot and stewardess are very well understand each other. It is true that our time together is very little, because the flight schedule may vary from month to month, but couples thus formed are among the oldest . Just TAROM are some examples to follow, with years of relationship behind and children in the middle. Others say it’s a relationship doomed to failure because layoverelor and nights spent away from home. When you sleep through hotels, along with colleague young crew, appear tenatiile and even a solid relationship is likely to suffer. In our country, Rumor always as hostesses offer sexual services in layovere drivers. Not only because of loneliness, but also because it is the job description . There are variant in which each pilot / flight attendant, home has a happy relationship with someone outside this range, aviation. But go wrong with a mistress / lover, colleague, because it is easy and convenient. And once did count. The second time it’s even possible to no longer meet. In the Middle East, most of the pilots chasing stewardesses. First, because it appears homesickness and a normal relationship and pilots and men in the company were the most available and, secondly, pilots are considered a good match because of career and higher wages you earn ” says Cristina Toader, according to the source .

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Low jet fuel prices reduce one of the main expenses for airlines.Strong tailwinds in the airline industry resulting from low oil prices, slowdown in Chinese eco.

 In the Middle East there are companies that sign that determines its staff shall not engage in relationships with peers, with extremely strict rules. The press reported an incident in Qatar, resulted in dismissal and return flight attendant, pilot and completion reporting and punishment of any contact or relationship between the two. The rules are found in most Arab states, except in the UAE, where companies such as Emirates, in Dubai , or Etihad, the Abu Dhabi prohibit emotional ties between employees as long as maintains a professional relationship during office hours thing.

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