Solar impulse plane goes around the world

Solar impulse plane goes around the world

Solar Impulse plane starts two months of Abu Dhabi, a historic journey around the world, made only with solar energy.

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Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, and also the name of the project’s two operational aircraft. The privately …

The public will be able to watch live what is happening in the cockpit and mission control center in Monaco visiting the site “” according Agerpres .

The plane will make the journey in 12 stages, the first stop will be Monday night in the Sultanate of Oman. Will travel 35,000 kilometers in total, with a speed between 50 and 100 km / h and reaches a maximum altitude of 8,500 meters. The mission will last for five months, and 25 days of actual flight, and will end in Abu Dhabi in late July or early August.

“We want to share our vision of a cleaner future,” said Bertrand Piccard Swiss, one of those who worked 12 years to make this detour of the planet using only solar energy, after the idea was treated with irony in the past aviation industry.


If you want to discover in 40 min what Solar Impulse is about, watch those 6 videos that will give a glimpse of what we have been achieving since Si2 first Flight …

Called Solar Impulse Plane 2 (SI2) is powered by energy produced over 17,000 solar cells fixed on aircraft wings, which have a length of 72 meters, almost the same as those of an Airbus A380. Made of carbon fiber, SI2 weighs only 2.5 tonnes, about how a jeep 4X4, which is about 1% by weight of an Airbus A380.

Solar Impulse prototype is the successor SI2 1, with which were made several long flights in Europe and Morocco and crossing the US in 2013, several stopovers.

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