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Six lesser known ways to choose the perfect holiday hotel

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Six lesser known ways to choose the perfect holiday hotel 11
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the perfect holiday hotel

Every traveler who is involved in planning his own excursion is guided by personal preferences when choosing the hotel where he is staying. The travel specialists reveal six aspects that we need to take into account to avoid the inconvenience and make a wise decision.

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Traditional relaxation fans make classical choices, while new experience lovers are ready to try less familiar choices. In the struggle for the sympathy of tourists, even the less common hotels – on rocks or under water, ice or sand – become uniform, if not at the price, then at comfort. The main factor in choosing a hotel is for 54% of tourists the price, according to momondo.ro , Independent and free search engine for tourist offers.

At the same time, the tourists are not willing to give up comfortable conditions: 19% admit that they expect a high-level service from the hotel staff. Based on these criteria, momondo.ro specialists reveal how we can avoid any disagreements in terms of accommodation. Do not make decisions just based on the number of stars Contrary to widespread misconception, there is no standard classification of star hotels.

In some countries, the same standard was adopted, in others the evaluation parameters may differ for each region. There is no point in comparing a three-star hotel in Stockholm with one of Santiago. Officially, both can reach the stated level, but the differences between the classification standards adopted in Sweden and those adopted in Chile can not be compared. However, it is not worthwhile to completely ignore this classification criterion as it will help you have an idea of ​​how to separate hotels in the same country. Sets the list of priorities When choosing a hotel it is important to prioritize. In peak season you do not have to count on special offers, but the good weather may be of interest in the off season. During holiday or carnival even standard cameras can have a high price, and on weekdays their cost is certainly lower. If the purpose of your trip is a walk through Venice, rather than attending the Venetian Carnival, think twice if it is worth paying for some dates. How precise you set priorities depends not only on the choice of the hotel but also on the general idea of ​​the holiday you want. Compare all criteria To start searching for a hotel, the resources made available by a search engine can be of great help. First, it will allow you to compare specific hotel propositions based on the search criteria you are looking for – the seating period, the cost range, the location. Secondly, a search engine instantly displays other essential information that the user may not have enough time to obtain independently. Finally, as you get closer to your stay, some hotel sites may choose to raise prices, while others may decide to offer higher discounts to get rid of the inventory. Using a search engine that compares offers from different vendors allows you to book the same room at a better price. Attention is to the comments left by the visitors A study by momondo.ro in 2017 showed that 26% of travelers are considering hotel reviews. As a rule, more objective observations are published on third-party networks rather than on hotel sites. In this case, photo comments and up-to-date information about the options available within the hotel are particularly valuable. Visitors’ opinions may differ significantly from one another but at the same time contain essential information (breakfast menu, Wi-Fi internet traffic). You can find other helpful tips on specialized sites. For example, if the hotel is really located “in a quiet green area, in the immediate vicinity of the museum” or if there are ongoing works or street repairs under the window of your room, information that the hotel‘s official website is unlikely To report them. Find out what services they are free for Even within the displayed price range, the list of services included in the cost of accommodation may vary.

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The perfect holiday hotel in a city. Lovely murals in the rooms. Great breakfast. Even a pool. And in the middle of Barcelona!! James Reynolds. · June 5, 2017.
Often the hotel‘s specific features include certain bonuses for visitors (for example, free use of the roof bar) or special offers at the time of registration (luxury room at the standard price). Is it worth losing the opportunity to have breakfast or to connect to the Internet free of charge? Obviously not. Therefore, it is worth choosing a hotel that offers a wider range of opportunities for the same money. Changing the decision at the last minute Reserve option with the possibility of reimbursement is usually 5-10% more expensive than standard booking, but thanks to it there is an opportunity to save on long term. Firstly, it allows you to change dates for your stay, and secondly, it is the place of insurance. If you reserve a room at reimbursable costs but continue searching for a hotel and at some point you find the room you want at a better price, the booking fee can be withdrawn. Some hotels allow you to change your booking until the last day so you will have enough time to find cheaper options if you want. The main thing is to carefully read the hotel‘s booking rules.

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