Secret language of stewardesses

language of stewardesses

Attendants and flight attendants have a language “secret”, ie a series of phrases they use to describe situations that arise in their field.

A busy schedule, last minute flights received, incidents with passengers – many of these situations stewardesses have a secret language so as to remain discrete even when deplore incidents, writes Business Insider . One of them decided to “break the silence” and share some of these expressions, and their significance.

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Dec 19, 2015 Secret language of stewardesses. Attendants and flight attendants have a language “secret”, ie a series of phrases they use to describe …

“Senior mother”

“Mom Seniors” is an expression used to describe  hostesses “veteran”.

“Pink-eye” – Pink Eye

If “red-eye” (freely translated red eyes) is an expression used to describe a very long flight, a night, a “pink-eye” flight is a bit shorter, but equally exhausting.

Victory Lap” – Tour victory

After three or four days that have walked through many cities, flight attendants will catch a road to their base airport, but sometimes they have to then take a flight to a neighboring village. It is known in the industry as “victory lap”.

“Lips and tips” – Lips and Nails

This expression refers to flight attendants dress exactly matching lipstick nails, outfit is an issue that must take into account any aspiring whatever program loaded and tiring implied profession.


A “flip-flop” may explain why sometimes you part of a flight attendant less smiley. The term refers to a program less happy, more precisely, when a flight attendant flight has a “red-eye” overnight next day sleeping, and in the morning of the third day a new flight 5 or 6am. “It’s like a force to be bird owl sitting overnight,” said the stewardess.

“Turn” – The Return

Return describe those moments when flight attendants come to an exotic destination, but not able to see the city because the next flight back home.

“Hot room” – warm room

Hot room is a space at the airport where the flight attendants are “backup”. They must be ready at any time and intervene when the schedule is messed up due to delays.


“Deplored” is a word invented that is used with the same meaning as the verb “to land” and refers to when the team on board should leave the aircraft.


UM is used to minors traveling alone (“Unaccompanied minors“).


Hostesses use this-word to describe a situation where they have to take an unplanned flight to a new destination. Many times you might not be prepared for this situation, ie not have proper clothes.

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