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titanic 2 ship

Second Titanic will begin trip to New York

titanic 2 shipAustralian billionaire Clive Palmer recently announced that he will resume the construction of the transatlantic Titanic II, the true copy of his predecessor, the RMS Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912, during the inaugural race, causing more than 1,500 people to die out of over 3,300 on board .

The new ship will be completed and will be launched in 2022, following the inaugural race at exactly 110 years after the original Titanic. At this inaugural race, Titanic II would go through the original route from Southampton (UK) to New York (USA). For financial reasons, there will be a pre-inaugural race from Dubai to Southampton. Additional rescue boats In addition to the modern navigation and safety systems, as well as additional lifeboats, the transatlantic will be, in detail, almost identical to the original Titanic. It has been very important to extra lifeboats - in fact, covered modern lifeboats, which can lead to a total of 800 people - precisely because in the case of the original Titanic, the lack of boats was one of the factors that greatly increased the balance of tragedy. The cabins will have the same look as in 1912, as well as the salons and restaurants, and even the famous staircase that appeared in James Cameron's 1997 Titanic. Even the number of people on board will be similar: 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. Passengers will also benefit from 835 cabins, split, as well as the RMS Titanic, in the first, second and third classes. A delayed dream Blue Star Line, owned by Clive Palmer, is working on the Titanic II project in 2012, as originally planned to begin shipbuilding, to be launched in 2016. The start of the construction was postponed in 2012 due to pecuniary disputes with the Chinese builder, and the following year, Clive Palmer had a number of financial problems and the project was postponed to early 2014, then to the end of 2014. The size of Clive Palmer's fortune is considerable - one billion US dollars in 2015 - but the cost of the Titanic II project is: 700 million dollars. In 2015, a new dispute between builders and one of Palmer's firms delayed construction, but a court forced the Chinese to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, which brought the project back to the top. But despite the announcement of a 2022 launch, a spokesman for Blue Star Line, contacted by The Guardian, said that in fact a concrete date had not been set, that the works had not yet begun and that the new contracts with the builders have not been concluded.


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