Santiago de León de Caracas

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Santiago de León de Caracas
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Caracas , authoritatively Santiago de León de Caracas, is the capital, the middle of the Greater Caracas Area, and the biggest city of Venezuela. Caracas is placed in the northern piece of the nation, taking after the shapes of the tight Caracas Valley on the Venezuelan waterfront mountain range (Cordillera de la Costa). Landscape suitable for building lies somewhere around 760 and 910 m (2,490 and 2,990 ft) above ocean level. The valley is near to the Caribbean Sea, differentiated from the coast by a precarious 2,200 m (7,200 ft) high mountain range, Cerro El Ávila; to the south there are more slopes and mountains.


Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas

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The Metropolitan District of Caracas is comprised of five regions: Libertador Municipality which is the main regulatory division of the Venezuelan Capital District, and four different districts, which are inside in Miranda State: Chacao, Baruta, Sucre, and El Hatillo. Libertador holds large portions of the administration structures and is the Capital District (Distrito Capital). The Distrito Capital had a populace of 2,013,366 starting 2011, while the Metropolitan District of Caracas was evaluated at 3,273,863 starting (2013). The Metropolitan Region of Caracas have an expected populace of 5,243,301.

Santiago de Leon de Caracas Promo 07 – YouTube

Aug 19, 2007 Video de la Promocion 2007 del Colegio Santiago de Leon de Caracas.
Organizations that are placed here incorporate administration organizations, banks, and shopping centers, among others. It has a to a great extent administration based economy, aside from some modern action in its metropolitan area. The Caracas Stock Exchange and Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) are headquartered here.

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VideoClip Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas - 2018

Disfruta de la Gaita, Patrimonio Cultural de Venezuela, con el colegio Santiago de León de Caracas @gaitascslc y el tema "Aquel Zuliano" de Renato Aguirre.