Romanias haunted castles and their legends

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Dracula‘s Country can not lack a whole host of castles and manors which is said to be haunted by all sorts of ghosts and spirits of historical figures.

Many castles and mansions in Romania hide horror stories about the terrible deeds that would be spent within the walls of buildings throughout history. Many of these stories have given sprang over time that some of the legends about castles and manor houses are haunted by ghosts or spirits.

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1. Banffy Castle, the most haunted place in Romania

Banffy Castle is probably the most haunted place in Romania . Built in Bonţida Banffy family in 15-16 centuries, the castle was transformed in 1944 into a military hospital operated until after the war. During this period, many soldiers died in the castle or from injuries or from diseases. After the war, the building was transformed into the headquarters of the local agricultural cooperative. With time, the castle was almost destroyed. The period during which functioned as a war hospital created around the castle a number of legends about the presence of ghosts. Become playground for children in the village, the castle is said to have been seen silhouettes of some German soldiers dressed in uniforms or of people on crutches. Some argue that it is even the most haunted place in Romania.

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2. Legend of Dracula Bran Castle put on the map of the most haunted places in the world Set in a fabulous landscape and surrounded by legends, Bran Castle is not bypassed by any of the charts worldwide made on haunted buildings worldwide. Beginning 800 years ago, built over more than 160 years, Bran Castle is certainly one of the most popular places in Romania among strangers. In fact, Halloween is packed with tourists that adore legends at Bran.

The locals say that the place is haunted by numerous spirits, including those of Vlad the Impaler and Queen Marie of Romania, for a building owner. Moreover, locals swear that on some evenings in / one place in the castle may have felt a strong smell of violets, Queen Mary’s favorite flower. Not infrequently happened that the paranormal researchers to investigate the mountaintop fortress. Even in 2012 a group of British claimed to have been in contact with the spirit of Elena, a young woman who had died in the castle when he was only 27 years old.

Bran Castle owes its reputation Vlad Tepes, who used the fort as a starting point for incursions into Transylvania. Became famous for his cruelty impaled on traitors, Vlad Tepes was transformed into “Dracula” by Bram Stoker Irish writer.

3. Corvin Castle, haunted by three Turkish prisoners Often included on lists of the most haunted places in Europe and the world, Corvin Castle in Huneodara is also the scene for many legends. Built in the XVth century by John Hunyadi, the city came to be known by the name of Hunyadi Castle. Is the story of the famous fountain courtyard of the castle, which is said to have been built by three prizontieri Turks. Once you were promised freedom in exchange for building a well, worked 15 years until the Turks gave finally drinking water. The prisoners were not released again. Besides, the fountain can read “Whoever wrote this inscription is Hasan, who lives as a slave to giaours in the city next to the church.” Tourists throw coins into the fountain to reward prisoners work.

Some tourists who visited Hunyadi Castle argue that surprised ghostly silhouettes in photographs taken on site. The images were posted online and have gone around the world. Corvin Castle came in the top of the most haunted places in Europe.

It is also said that some tourists who stayed overnight hidden in the castle were found the next day full of wounds and bruises, recounting that he was hit by a very violent ghost.

4. Phantom Mansion beautiful French woman in Belu Odette from Howl Built 200 years ago Baron Alexandru Bellu family, Howl mansion in town is the scene of a tragic stories. Descendant of family rulers and Cantacuzino Ghica, Alexandru Belu was given the title of baron of the imperial court in Vienna.

Owner of valuable properties, proclaimed scholar, passionate about photography, Alexandru Belu retired to Urlaţi to spend the last years of his life.

The town residents Urlaţi stories that circulate about the worst family manor manorial Belu. According to legend, the last descendant of Baron Alexandru Bellu who lived in the mansion, a nephew named George, he had a French wife, Odette. Though incredibly beautiful Odette was very sad that a woman always suspected cheating husband George. The two did not have any children, but about his nephew Baron is said to have followers “flower”. Locals say the night you can hear footsteps in the attic of a ghost mansion. People say it’s Odette, who because unbelieving husband has not found peace or grave.

5. Cantacuzino Castle in Sinaia, house of ghosts

Built a century ago by Prince George Grigore Cantacuzino Logs castle has been transformed by the communists in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Interior. After the Revolution, the building was restored and turned into a museum. Some tourists claims that during the visits would take photos that were captured or glowing balls silhouettes.

How many of Cantacuzino family members have died a violent death, it is said that not only the castle but the whole area would be haunted. Some nights scary noises, and the trees are seen flying silhouettes that leave trails of white smoke.

6. Castle Iulia Hasdeu in Campina, haunted by father and daughter Castle “Iulia Hasdeu” Campina can not miss a top haunted buildings in Romania. The building was named for the wife and daughter of writer Hasdeu, both bearing the name Julia. Writer’s life was marked by the death of his daughter just 19 years old. With his soul devastated husband devoted existence only to the memory of his daughter.

It is said that the castle was built as described BPHasdeu received during discussions with the spirit of his daughter, the tomb of Belu graveyard it was buried. Subsequently, Haşdeu spiritism sessions held at home, indeed often try to photograph Julia Haşdeu spirit.

In Campina says Yulia Haşdeu can be heard playing the piano, once applauded them, or, sometimes, is seen on the terrace, each with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

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7. Why is haunted by ghosts Poenari hundreds violent Poenari fortress, built on a mountain, near Transfăgărăşan close boyars Vlad Tepes, the prince was often shelter during of warfare with the Turks. Legend has it that the mortar used for building the city was mixed and human blood. It is uncertain how many people were killed during construction work for Poenari Citadel, but elders say that the place is haunted city hundreds of spirits of people who died in its construction. Locals say that after dark spirits of those killed manifests violent, attacking humans and animals.

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