Report from the island of the gods

Report from the island of the gods
Report from the island of the gods

As soon as I left the airport in Bali (Denpasar) Wayan greeted us, what would be the tour guide in the coming days, along with a Balinese who rushed to put the neck garlands of fresh flowers frangipani. Somehow this Balinese souvenirs offered after doing his first steps on their island completed the decor Between garden with exotic plants in front of the airport and a few colorful Hindu temples.

Travel: Bali the magic island

… Bali remains a spectacular highlight of Southeast Asia. The fusion of intoxicating spirituality and invigorating natural beauty make it a destination that will leave it hooks in you long after you’ve left it’s shores. The Island of the Gods is

In less than half an hour we were in the midst of turmoil, a traditional restaurant in Kuta, a former fishing village but now a sought after tourist destination extensive beaches and perfect waves for surfing. In most tables were seen smothered rice dishes, and with other smaller with tomato sauce, which proved very spicy later. The people ate a whole plate directly by hand, no matter what were filled.

There was an unusual feast, long rice, soy dishes – from salads soy sprouts sticks fried fermented soy beans, fish ocean and local drinks, mango juices and cold tea.

The first “bite” in Bali could not but compare to what was to come the next day: a visit in the heart of the Indonesian island home to a traditional family where members of three generations live together. With smiles, Balinese living here have made us the receipt.Moreover, Bali smile became a form of greeting. More modest house with small rooms, were raised in this court, the temples were and family. Daily ceremonies are held here after balinezele carefully prepare offerings for the gods: some arrangements with flower petals on palm leaves and all sorts of other plaiting plant. “It is not hard, every day preparing offerings. Even before the meal. I learned from my parents how to make offerings, is a habit that has been transmitted from generation to generation, “says Made, who lives here. Over 90% of the inhabitants of this island are Hindus, the only island in Indonesia that failed to Islam.

Bali travel guide and tips: Things that will surprise first-time visitors

We already know about the things that shouldn’t happen in Bali: excessive drinking, tourists exposing way too much flesh on the beach and blatant ignorance of the island’s culture. But that’s not the real Bali. Beyond Kuta there is plenty that will

Because of Hindu ceremonies have strongly marked the lifestyle here, Balinese shall ensure that sufficient flower offerings offered to the gods, so plantanţii alongside rice flower stretch and plantanţii used in various rituals. In Tunjuk village in the province of Tabanan, where most residents are farmers, we were sharing a little of what it means planting rice in a demonstration made by a Balinese. Each thread is rice seek marshy field, well irrigated by farmers who now walked barefoot through the mud format. Some women with sunburned faces, reap rice and filled baskets. Harvesting is done manually since, although paddy fields stretch over several hectares best. Nearby lay an exotic plantation of coconut palms, banana trees and other tropical plants. The Balinese cuisine rice is the main ingredient, while coconut flavor complements many dishes, including some traditional desserts.

The lifestyle of the Balinese and exotic nature annually attracts over 3 million tourists Indonesian island, one of the most popular in the world. The Indonesian island, where 3.9 million people live, time is measured differently. Balinese are 210 days, ie six months with 35 days after calendar (Pawukon). Because this is still the island gods are dozens of temples on the island drenched blue water of the Indian Ocean. One of the most photographed Hindu temples on the island is Tanah Lot, a rock formation, protected from snakes, as legend. One million locals and tourists come annually to see or pray at this temple. Strong waves hit Hindu temple daily, which seems adamant.Balinese have reconstructed more than 100 million dollars, money borrowed from the Japanese. Road to Tanah Lot, as iconic to any point of the island, is but an exercise in patience. Dozens of scooters or mopeds and cars dot the roads almost any time of day and traffic jams are very common.

But not until you reach the temple Pura Uluwatu Lehur in, perched on a cliff 70 meters above sea level, where you can see a sunset is reflected in the Indian Ocean and a traditional Balinese dance Kekaf inspired by the epic Ramayana, you true delight realize that I can give this island. Moreover, walking through this place becomes a challenge when you have to pass by dozens of monkeys of all sizes and ages, ready to take your earrings, sunglasses or any other property in view.

Another monkey reserve Monkey Forest in Ubud is (Monkey Forest) is located a few hundred monkeys in a setting consisting of nearly 100 types of trees. Some trees are considered sacred and are used by Balinese rituals that take place in the temple.Monkeys guard against evil spirits temples, as Hindus believe. So before I stepped into this reserve, tourists are making a complex training to avoid any incidents. “Do not give them food, stay away from them because they can quickly become aggressive and bite” guide explained to us. Ubud has been transformed from a traditional small town with 30,000 inhabitants, one of the biggest attractions of Bali. Dozens of souvenir shops appeared on the main street of Ubud and sellers try to attract tourists by offering ‘just one dollar- just a dollar “, although almost nothing actually sell at this price. It is nevertheless you may round revenue formula locals, since here the minimum wage is less than $ 100 per month. Maybe Bali paradise is not much described in guidebooks, but the simplicity of the locals and their Balinese traditions that were preserved from generation to generation remains a magnet for tourists worldwide.

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Celebrities that have tied the knot on our Island of the Gods include former Aussie Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, Malaysian superstar Amber Chia and cantopop stars Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui. More recently, Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin …

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