Perfect Romantic Destinations for a Valentine’s Day

Perfect Romantic Destinations for a Valentine's Day

February is considered the month of love, and travel is a good way to enjoy your partner. A romantic city break could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Our team found three recommendations for cities that you can best explore in two. In addition, they are close to us and the low transportation costs give you the opportunity to enjoy a royal couple’s Valentine’s Day: a special dinner in the restaurant, long walks, spa visits and wonderful half-hour gifts your.

Prague is considered a small piece of medieval paradise by romantics around the world. The Romantic atmosphere of the city can be felt by visiting Prague Castle and the nearby attractions. In the evening, we recommend a walk in the area of ​​St. Vitus Cathedral and the royal gardens to enjoy the spectacular lights. For a perfect weekend do not forget to put in your luggage and swimsuit. If you want to combine two fun activities, a beer dip, followed by a relaxation session, do not miss the beer spas in Prague.

Budapest is the best place in Europe where you can celebrate Valentine’s Day if you have a limited budget, being one of the most accessible destinations, but also one of the most romantic cities. A walk on the famous Andrássy Boulevard, often resembling the Champs-Élysées, could be a great opportunity to choose an unforgettable gift for your half. Then, try a wine tasting in a medieval cellar in Buda Castle, where you can choose from liquors from the famous Hungarian regions. Finish the evening with a romantic stroll on the famous Chain Bridge to enjoy an unforgettable view. Another suggestion is the ice rink in the Central Park.

The capital of Slovakia is recognized for medieval buildings, theaters and opera performances. Discover the magic of this city in the couple, on the arm, with a stroll through the historic center. Then head to Castel for a spectacular view. Take your lunch in one of the chic restaurants in the Saint Martin Church area. A boat ride on the Danube is another great way to admire the city. The Observation Tower and the UFO Restaurant are perfect places for couples who want to enjoy a romantic evening. With an impressive Baroque building, the city’s Philharmonic is another great choice for music lovers and those who want to surprise their partner with a unique experience.

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