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Nightmare incident for a young tourist flying to Tenerife

Nightmare incident for a young tourist flying to Tenerife

Emily, aged 22, described the incident as the worst moment in her life and told everything on social networks. “We were flying from Birmingham to Tenerife and Thomas Cook told me that I was taking off the plane if I did not” cover my body “because” I offend the others. ” 

Four employees roamed around me and wanted to take my luggage to get me out of the plane. I informed them that there is no “dress policy” I should have taken into account. I asked the plane if they felt offended by my appearance and nobody said anything, “Emily said.

Emily started a Twitter poll, asking the users if her clothes were inappropriate for flying. 

85% of the 25,000 voters declared themselves comfortable with their fashion style. 

“I wore these clothes at the airport (security, passport control, etc.), I boarded the plane, I was told to cover myself, I sat in the chair, the flight manager and four other employees told me I had to get dressed, otherwise I’ll get down … “, wrote Emily.

Worse, one of the passengers has assaulted her verbally and the guards have done nothing to prevent the incident. “The manager wanted to take me off the plane with the bag. A man cried, “What a stubborn woman! Put the blouse on you! “And the staff did not take any action against him. 

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Emily solved the problem on her own: “I took a coat from my cousin who flew with me and covered myself. The staff made comments at the microphone and everyone heard … I was trembling all over. ” 

“They said I was wrong in my mouth. We were all trembling, they saw this, but they continued to offend me. It was the worst day of my life. ” 

Most users agree with Emily.

” We’re sorry for Mrs. Emily O’Connor. We could have addressed the situation better. The airlines however have a dress policy that applies to both men and women, of all ages, without discrimination. Staff face difficulties in implementing the policy and is not always able to act properly … “, said Thomas Cook.

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