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Most impressive monuments in the world

Most impressive monuments in the world
Most impressive monuments in the world

Some of the biggest and most spectacular resorts in the world were included in a ranking by the publication Business Insider.

Statues huge worldwide dimensions were included in a ranking by the publication Business Insider.

25 World Monuments in Danger

Oct 17, 2017 Armed conflict, climate change, and natural disaster threaten some of humankind’s grandest acheivements.

The list contained the image of Decebal, boilers Danube near the city of Orşova, which is the highest stone sculpture in Europe (55 meters). Only eyes bas-relief depicting the last king of Dacia measures 4.3 meters long and 7 meters nose is long and 4 meters wide. The sculpture was made during 1994-2004, 12 sculptors-climbers. The project cost amounted to over a million dollars, and for modeling rock was used over a ton of dynamite.

Among the 16 giant sculptures are the second largest statue in the world, a representation of the Buddha which is in Myanmar, with a height of 116 meters, completed in 2008.

Not forgotten emblem of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cristo Redentor ( Christ the Redeemer ) monument located south of town on Mount Corcovado (700 m) in the Tijuca Forest. The monument was erected to mark the 100th anniversary of the independence of Brazil. The building has a height of 30 meters, 38 meters with the pedestal width of the arms 28 meters and a weight of 635 tons. The socket is a chapel where they can get 150 people.
Among the most spectacular countries in the world include a sculpture depicting the late Chinese leader Mao at the age of 32 years. The sculpture is 32 meters high located in Hunan province in China and cost 35 million dollars.

Leshan Giant Buddha , the largest stone statue representing the Buddha was carved into sandstone cliffs in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) at Min Jiang confluence, Dadu and Qingyi He Sichuan Province of China. In 1982 the statue was declared a national monument Chinese, and in 1996 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The statue has 71de meters high, behind the statue has a width of 28 m.

Motherland statue in Kiev, Ukraine, is dedicated to the memory of the Great Patriotic War (WWII). The sculpture depicts a woman 60 meters high, which keeps hands a sword weighing 9 tons and a shield.

The largest statue of Jesus was unveiled in Poland in 2010 in the town of Swiebodzin. The sculpture is 36 meters, but reaches 52 meters with the pedestal on which sits. The crown on the head is 3 meters high. The monument weighs 440 tons and cost over a million euros, money derived entirely from donations.

Singapore -island state symbol, the Merlion, a sculpture of a mythological creature, half lion, half fish, measuring 26 meters in height.

Of course, the famous Statue of Liberty in New York has been named by Business Insider. 93 meters high, weighing 225 tons, the statue represents the goddess of freedom who stands with one foot on broken chain of slavery. On her head is a crown adorned with seven beams of light and 25 windows. The interior is a scale with 354 steps that you can climb, but after the attacks of September 11, 2001, visiting its interior is prohibited. The statue is a gift of France made the United States to celebrate 100 years of US independence.

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