Midnight travel in London

Midnight travel in London
Midnight travel in London

Town house, historic city, uninhibited young feud, great cultural center. London eternal. All-old was in place, only have a special sparkle after sunset. The splendor of the routine.

The first axis between European capitals London-Paris-Rome-Berlin. The city that gathers millions of tourists annually from all continents. What has been arranged so as to care and well-behaved people, families, corporate and tourists, artists and, finally, nonconformists of all kinds, everywhere. Nothing new. Any extensively analyzed and promoted. A detail only. Tourists doctor is terrified of Britain’s capricious weather, summer or visiting London, however, in the warm season. Motivations evident fear of Cloudy and enthusiasm to stay with the sun on the banks of the Thames to face. And then, not for nothing was said after the war that the fog on the English Channel left isolated continent – “London Times“, October 22, 1957. Other times, other amusements. But London is more beautiful than ever just when fog is shrouding n. And, especially in the dark.

Several east London Tube stations change zone

Several Tube stations in east London have been rezoned to recognise the capital’s “shifting economic map”. Eight stations including Stratford and West Ham have been rezoned from Zone 3 to Zone 2/3. It means the stations will be regarded in Zone 2 or 3 …

Constitution Hill links Wellington Arch Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park, left, Palace Gardens, right. Day, the street is busy world: curious tourists and rowdy people out jogging, walking parents and children, police equestrians, young dogs, old slowly with a cane. On the evening instead of the chance to go unhindered naked on a sidewalk or roadway for horses – because there is one. You feel that the easy joy that the city is all yours. It’s almost funny. Buckingham Palace, usually assaulted by tourists keen to take pictures with the resident British monarch – since 1837! – Or the famous queen’s guards, it’s free. The market is empty. The building sits quietly under the lights symmetrically, sober, more intense at the corners and in the middle. Palace guards – common uniforms – are meeting at one of the gates and tell jokes and laugh. On the steps of Queen Victoria statue in the middle of the square, two young lovers are embraced. Love and cold.

Beer, magic and hip hop Along the boulevard The Mall, the road to Trafalgar Square, people sit in front of the restaurants and pubs – men tie the knot tight and ladies in elegant dresses with bared shoulders – and smoke. Staying in pens enclosed by a fence by a ribbon or small talk with a smile. Moderate blowing wind and humidity is high. A group of corporate, all in black suits, uniforms and seemed to go into a pub. Take each a beer, Pale Ale on tap, drink standing in the middle of the room. Then go. Simple. Steps from the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, are crowded. Thrilled by the neoclassical architecture of the museum, three young shooting a video for a song hip hop. Their first video, shoot the same scene several times, who knows what comes out better. Next, in the shade, a man practices his magic tricks with which he enthralled the audience the next day, still there in the market. Has several aces under the sleeve: go on a wire, the piunieze not hurt him, get balls where I’m not. Squeeze a pound. Big Ben clock beat every quarter hour. He has a song’s, Westminster Quarters. Westminster quarters. When the hour is, how many beats are heard so many hours of the day passed. There are serious beatings, threatening finals. This is Big Ben bell. Thames’ south bank In summer, the banks of the Thames are held promenades and amusements of all kinds – clubs, terraces, food stalls and refreshments. Then when all is closed, it remains only Tate Modern. On the south shore. Not just a little. From London Bridge is best understood with this city. With his famous The Shard skyscraper, the tallest building in Europe – 309.6 meters high, 72 floors – with open terraces for those working late with small ships for cruises on the Thames in the distance, Tower Bridge, flanked The Tower of London and London City Hall modernist building.

London Underground – Getting Around London – visitlondon.com

The London Underground rail network, or “the Tube” is a great way to travel to and … Underground trains generally run between 5am and midnight, Monday to …

Between the two bridges, it is permanently docked HMS Belfast, a Royal Navy light cruiser fleet. It was released water from St. Patrick, on March 17, 1938. Among the actions they participated in during the Second World War include the Battle of North Cape (December 1943), part of the campaign in the Arctic – where He helped destroy the German warship Scharnhorst – and operation Overlord in June 1944 HMS Belfast helping Allied landing in Normandy. After the Korean War, he joined the reserve, and in 1971 was turned into a museum and opened to the public. And two lovers sit on the Thames and tell war stories such as garlands of lights holidays. The music sounded Tower of London. There’s no raven nearby. A white tent installed in the yard, amongst the ruins exposed through the glass, is pierced by lasers disco. It entertains young Londoners, it’s midnight. The wind gusts beat and swirling waters of the Thames easy. “God Save the Queen / ‘Cause Tourists have money / And our figurehead / Is not what SHE Seems” could croon anyone thought. But today no longer listens Sex Pistols. Circ, bratwurst and cars crashed Christmas markets are always present in all major capitals. So combine the best fun, joy holidays and consumerism. Fairs, because this is actually emerged as a major economic events for developed cities since the Middle Ages, and Britain has a long tradition in the field. He said word of the Victorian era. The largest winter festival in the British capital is located in Hyde Park, near Marble Arch Tube station. Winter Wonderland is a fair sea: the wheel of which you can admire the city skyline, roller coasters, trains of horror bumper car and machines that turn your stomach all Parties circus, the ice rink and a bar made completely of ice and dozens games that test skills you – to throw at the target, shoot the rifle, throwing balls and hoops. If you succeed in three attempts, you get a toy, if not, you are cordially invited to train to win and get a toy. The important thing is to get a toy! Have a memory, to give and make someone happy. In the spirit of the holidays.

As in any Christmas market, big gastronomic variety: the Bavarian neighborhood where people flock to hot dog with bratwurst and fries until stalls donuts, pancakes huge popcorn and cotton candy in all colors. In the middle of the roundabout carousel was a bar for adults. Drinking beer and wine and spin easily. That’s fairs, it’s better to turn. Light and noise. Festive Fair in London is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Even the New Year. Close on January 3. Londoners are attracted to lights, carousels, the Bavarian food and mulled wine. Wine by the hundreds daily. They sit patiently in a queue and wait their turn in the security check at the gate. Everything security and warnings – especially împiedicaţilor attention. At the entrance ticket is not paid, but must purchase tokens for diverse amusements in town. Demand is high, so that organizers give warm exhortations to purchase tickets in advance for skating, ice bar, the wheel and circus. With a little order and discipline, ensures ultimate fun. “We put the fun in festival” [No – bring fun to the festival] is the dictum of one traders. Welcome to the fair absolutely delightful to the fair, at the fair magic of the holiday season! It’s a wonderful world.

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