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How many people lose their phones on holiday

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How many people lose their phones on holiday
How many people lose their phones on holiday

On vacation many of us want to immortalize the experiences we live in and the beautiful places we visit.

In fact, according to a Kaspersky Lab study, one in five (18%) users said travel photos and videos are the most important files on their devices . However, in the company’s additional research, 28% said that if they lost their device or stolen, they would have no way to recover their holiday photos.

One in three British holiday makers regrets taking their phone abroad

Aug 11, 2014 Holiday makers around the world are stubbornly clinging onto their smartphones, with 36 per cent of people in Britiain admitting they are …

According to Kaspersky Lab * statistics, the Anti-Theft feature available for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is used approximately 1.5 times per minute, and on average 23,000 Android devices are reported lost or stolen each month. Another study conducted by Kaspersky showed that on average 4% of people around the world lost a device or stolen one. In the case of more than half of the users (57%), the device in question was an Android, in 29% of cases it was a laptop and in 21% of cases an Apple iPhone. On average, replacing a lost or stolen device will cost $ 485.

Modern users have simple and effective anti-theft tools that can activate the device‘s alarm if it loses, block and locate the device remotely or even take a photo of the guilty if the device has been stolen. However, despite the well-known risks and availability of these security options, the study shows that only 22% of users are currently using anti-theft function to protect their devices.

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